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    Hello Tod
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    Who were you?

    Joined LED 2-3 years before the end of legacy. Created the Colonial Police Department in FotD and only gone by one name in my FOM days, Franke McAllister. My style - no nonsense policing
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    Bank Robbery

    Reading this I cant help remembering how faction funds were withdrawn. As the R7 you had to contact a GM when you wanted a large sum withdrawn, and their was no withdraw limit. Except when the faction funds ran out. Being able to withdraw 3 million uc was a bit overkill. Having a faction bank...
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    Send Coordinates Feature

    A thought is by having the mini map in the top left corner of screen, when a call for help is given, a position indicator is sent out as a sonar ping on the map and exact position and character name in smaller font appears next the mini map
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    NSM Planet Cracker Spaceship

    I like the idea of a faction controlled resources ship which mines asteroids for common and rare materials. The ship could have large storage containment areas where factions can create wars and hack and steal large bulks of materials to use for their logistics department, or to on sell to the...
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    Hello, yes I did.
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    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    The idea behind this thread was to come up with an arrest mechanic that wasn't just like FOM.
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    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    If your going to disconnect on purpose then it's a win for the CPC regardless. still got your name, PP and CPC will get you eventually. I'm unsure if a person is stunned and is under arrest lockdown, if they did log off and log back in, will they be in the same lockdown position?
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    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    An idea is once someone is stunned, a CPC Officer stands beside them and holds an arrest key (E) and instead of them being instantly transported away, hand cuffs appear on the wrists and the person is locked in position until a second key is pressed (T) which then the criminal automatically...
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    Suggestion: The Wiseman's Committee

    In my opinion anonymity will not provide the neutral feedback you are after. There are of course other communication platforms outside these forums and certain groups of people will only vote for their friends ideas. They wont even entertain other people suggestions. Id open the forum to...
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    Hey all thanks for the welcome
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    Community Input - Mining Terminals

    An important lesson to learn is not to gear every situation into firefight, and it relates to passive, active mining and item production. When a newly created item enters into a persons inventory, it should then display an ownership tag. Be it a faction tag or an individual tag. It carries that...
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    [PvE] Bounty Board

    Great idea mate
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    Thanks BioXide, exciting times ahead!