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    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    Is there any incentive to PvE as a group if only one person get the loot?
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    Chronicles of Elyria

    On second thought the OP of that thread seems pretty stupid and should of know that things are set to change. Especially when it comes to a kickstarted project.
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    Bless Online

    I hope you didn’t get suckered into this cash grab.
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    Chronicles of Elyria

    This game was sus from the beginning and they’re already screwing backers.
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    The Syndicate

    This is looking like my kind of faction.
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    Community Input - Laws and Punishment

    This is a terrible idea. No sandbox MMO that gave players complete control has ever succeeded. At the end of the day players are assholes and their needs to be limitations on what they can do regarding the laws. Assuming their isn't already pre-existing laws for players to choose from.