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    Where are they now, do you know?

    Joe/James Montag where you at nerd
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    Bro how are you idk if you remember me.

    Bro how are you idk if you remember me.
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    Where my VI players at?

    I was not super well known, my name was Greg John. I also played in GOM for a bit when I was pissed at the VI CEO Julien. At one point I ended up being an R6 after we were taken over by trolls and they were expelled. I played with Joe/James Montag, HPE, several other players I can't remember...
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    Memorable names.

    I was in VI, so probably some lesser known names. Julien was the CEO for awhile, Joe Montag was my buddy. HPE for sure. I met James Xabin on his first day before he took over GOM.
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    Memorable names.

    HPE you son of a gun remember when we ran VI for like a month after the trolls left? And Julien quit due to being too much of a douchebag?