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    Holiday Sunday Service

    Praise Pallas!
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Make sure to like all my video's on my youtube channel -
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    Public Announcement from Guns of the Conclave

    You want some? Come get some.
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Omg I remember that sig!! Love it!! You the man
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    Music thread

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    Where are they now, do you know?

    Keep bringing people back.
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    Former FOM, giving it a try

    Welcome to MR. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    Logged in & Joined MoTB during a Paris Final Battle. Great memories.
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    AE Rank Names

    I Agree and like the new titles.
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    Discussion: Development Update #16

    Wow this looks amazing! Cant wait to test it out and play!
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    Discussion: Development Update #15

    Great Thread looking forward to more!