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    He is Risen

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    Milk run.

    Thanks my dude, that means a lot! :)
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    Man Down.

    Thanks dude! Much appreciated :D
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    Milk run.

    Glancing up at the Kyodai comfortably from his chair, Lamral hesitated a moment before nodding briskly. The Coca in his system was starting to take its effect - his vision sharpened as he peered at the man before him, a surge of energy rushing through his body as he pushed himself to his feet...
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    Man Down.

    “In early 2102, the Baalites declared a holy war on the Terran Union. Having taken over much of Mesopotamia and destabilized the region, these extremists assembled the most massive army in existence totaling 200 million from every corner of the world.” March 3rd, 2104 - The Baal War 4 clicks...
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    Lamral Kendros

    Born an only child into the Union City Freestate in the late 70’s, Lamral was brought up with a firm guiding hand during his formative years, courtesy of his matriarch - Maria Kendros’ background as a Consultant for Avalon Enterprises did not lend itself well to the more intimate, nurturing side...
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    n o s t a l g i a Wish I still had my old screenies :(