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    Discussion: Development Update #15

    Great stuff. Would be interesting to see Lets bet implemented.
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    Tell me something about FoM's history.

    Forum warrioring, mostly.
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    Tell me something about FoM's history.

    I was quite important in FoM history. If I say so myself.
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    Community Input - Ecoing Revision

    Mining Rigs was one of the better ideas seen in FoTD. Apart from slow mining terminal, mining rig was faster and required protection and active participation on people's end. being able to hack/destroy mining rigs added an element of risk vs reward kind of thing. should be brought in if you ask me.
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    Alpha Event Media

    Share the screenshots, videos and live streams of the Alpha Event we had on 04/20/2019. I was busy leading the whole thing so didn't get much. Share what you guys got! could use these for the trailer footage! CPC dominating
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    Alpha Event - Zerg fights & stress test on 04/20/2019 @ 5 PM EST!

    Thanks to all those who attended. It was a dope event. Tons of beef and lag fest haha. We'd definitely be doing more soon
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    Alpha Event - Zerg fights & stress test on 04/20/2019 @ 5 PM EST!

    Hello all, Now that all the donors are being allowed in to test the game out. CPC is hosting a event this Saturday (04/20/2019) at 5 PM EST. All are invited to login to the MR server at 5 PM EST. The goal of this event is to stress test the server, test the combat in large population and the...
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    Server lag

    I keep saying we need to host servers from Pakistan. It'll instantly resolve the issue.
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    Community Input - Combat Visual Identifiers

    swifty bby how u doin
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    Discussion: Development Update #14

    markets are full. log in
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    Dion Koot MotB OB’05

    Welcome back Koot
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    Your only friend <3

    Your only friend <3
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    top tier content

    top tier content