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    Mechanics and Methods of removing factional HC

    In FOM there was a big BOS war. Where BOS went out declared war and proceeded to get KOS'd and their asses destroyed for weeks on end. Leading to a massive player drain, including me, from FOM. There should be a way for the factions player base to remove their shitty awful HC without GM...
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    New-player tutorial world / social hub

    Complicated to make, but I think well worth it in easing players into MMOs, Runescape has one, WoW even has tutorials and both of those games are way more approachable for new players because you don't have the threat of being ganked around every single corner.
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    Playtest discussion, feedback, etc

    We still have the spreadsheets from the old playtest, jokes on you!
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    Playtest discussion, feedback, etc

    I'd say three days. If you cannot sell your item within three days you probably need to reevaluate your business strategy but its long enough that you're not bothered by having to constantly refresh it. Looking for profit numbers are going to be hard in short bursts playtests, needs to be...
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    Discussion: Development Update #15

    Besides the questionable practice of a mechanic for betting, which has a ton of draw backs and its own nonsense, the rest looks like great progress! There are several questions that pop up with the betting mechanic. What kind of return are you seeing from player made bets? What is to stop...
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    Administrative abilities

    Whatever makes it easier for new players to get involved and pulled into the system is a great idea though. We need to make as many in game ways to integrate people and not rely on outside things.
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    Pre-Alpha Balancing and general suggestions

    I think armors are fine where they are, but I can see a point about the heavy armors. Their speed values aren't really low enough to not wear them all the time. Even when you're facing an opponent who went with a quick build the maps take too long to flank or are too confined for them to take...
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    Community Input - Combat Visual Identifiers

    Now that we've had some taste of combat, here are some suggestions: As it is, fighting and looking at your health involves two totally different areas of the screen which can make it difficult to track. This could be handled a few ways, either a translucent health bar near your cursor or as...
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    Closure of Ceres Prison

    According to inside sources at the CPU Superintendent Davis was livid about recent events, reportedly having instructing his officers to "fuck up those deranged lunatics and all their boy toys, show them what happens when you fuck with us." Meanwhile the CPU released the following official...
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    Political Parties

    In FOM it seems like the biggest draw back in terms of corruption and failings of the game were the groupies and toxicity of individuals. With the government going to have oversight over TDC and CPC I want to help ensure that the oversight itself is not filled with that kind of pettiness. I...
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    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    Why did you keep spelling tough as tuff
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    IRL picture thread ( Because we need it)

    Lets just remember you're getting upset over someone who says shit like this. Don't feed the trolls.
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    IRL picture thread ( Because we need it)

    Old picture but look how cute I look
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    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    I love the idea of arresting someone, and at least bringing them to a gate before they teleport straight to jail. Not necessarily bringing them all the way there. Could use something similar to how ArmA 3 ACE arresting and dragging people around works. This video is the closet I could find in...
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    Discussion: Development Update #14

    I understand people being upset for not getting a spot they applied for. It is upsetting after all, it feels like you were told you are not good enough I empathize with that. What I do not understand are the people who did get a position gloating over the ones who did not, the tables could...