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    I'm back friends.

    I'm back friends.
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    Any old CMG around?

    Oh he's probably around somewhere. He is always around lol.
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    Made a lot of mistakes but I love you all [CMG]

    Honestly you're better off submitting a ticket at Or maybe check the forums for anything similar, just search for it. I did all of that when this website first opened so I'm not in a position to help with that question sadly.
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    Made a lot of mistakes but I love you all [CMG]

    Well welcome back, I am also returning, although my account on the forums was created very early.
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    What are you?

    I have a 3 year old Son and a 2 year old Daughter. They have obsessions with biting eachother.
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    Eurocore / Vortex Inc Roll Call

    Most people don't recognize me because I never kept the same name long enough to be remembered aha.
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    You never forget your first

    I honestly don't remember who the R7 of LED was in 05. I was R5 at the time. The first R7 I remember was Knives Aldren in the FDC.
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    High Command Applications OPEN

    I'm excited. Let's see who manages to get a spot and if I recognize any of them.
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    Welcome to Mankind Reborn, the better the friend, the more they abuse you.

    Welcome to Mankind Reborn, the better the friend, the more they abuse you.
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    Companion Mobile Application.

    This is just an idea and at the time I think it's a pretty decent one. That might change later. But once the game is released I think a "Making Reborn Companion" mobile application could be made. It would show things like items, stats, recipes etc. It would also allow you to check your mail...
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    Its time to eco to death again

    Welcome back to the Fommunity. They may say it's not because it's Mankind Reborn not Face of Mankind. But it's mostly the same people lol.
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    Turning speed limitations

    The issue with using Drugs to adjust your turning speed is all they would do is alter your perception of turning quickly. "Heavy Armor" would alter the rate at which you could also aim down the sights of your gun and how far you could even lift your arms to do that. (I imagine someone walking...
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    Dual Weapons?

    How are you going to effectively load twin pistols or anything like that effectively during a combat situation. There's also the problem of aiming, you can't really sight two weapons at the same time. It would look cool running through a colony brandishing dual-wielding but it just wont be...
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    I'm baaaaack.

    Everyone misses me, if they say they don't. They are in denial ;) Also, where did you get that Signature??
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    Community Input - Laws and Punishment

    Jail Time Reductions: Community Service would be useful, like they have to mine/create certain items and send them to a person who has requested them from the Government. Each item sent would reduce the time dependent on the item sent. Most Wanted: When you hit a certain amount of seen kills...