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    What is the gameplay type of GotC

    Relax Jeff m8. HC chat is leaking.
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    Maybe an Arena?

    Safe spaces are reserved for TU sorry.
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    Faction specific methods of HC selection and removal.

    I'm not saying they have to leave after 3 months. They can always be reconfirmed, you can even skip a voting process if they are doing a good job. As for the 2nd part there will be players who will grasp the game and it's mechanics in a few months. And if they can muster the support and are...
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    Faction specific methods of HC selection and removal.

    3 months IRL should be the maximum alloted time for a TU R7 imo. Anymore than that and you risk pushing away new players who have to wait too long for a shot at HC.
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    A Public Statement From The President of Oda Zaibatsu

    I would like to remind Mr. Anderson that the applications for the Janitorial department are now open.
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    You're all bad.

    No U 5char
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    Economic Contracts, department level.

    This could all be done by players without a need for an ingame mechanic. But hey I never ecoed.
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    On the clans

    Stop giving them arguments for us to be just a CPC department.
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    Mechanics and Methods of removing factional HC

    The janitorial dept is just GMOP disguised as RP
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    On the clans

    I think a hard lock is the only option, as much as I dislike it, to have the corps act as corps. They can have security forces capable to handle low to medium threats but they will need either TDC or GoTC to handle the wars.
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    Mechanics and Methods of removing factional HC

    That happens in every PVP game that is focused about combat. It is unavoidable, no one likes to lose. The only way to change that is to give players some other entertainment than pure PVP combat.
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    On the clans

    Let's start a shitstorm Remove high tier(military grade) weapons and armor from corps and CPC, remove high tier eco from Gotc and TU. If a corp wants a security force let em have a cell in Gotc.
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    On the clans

    FOE just agreed with you so you lost :furlord:
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    On the clans

    Got paid 500k uc per FB solo [email protected]
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    CPC Mechanics

    I just hope we can recreate this ingame