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    Civil Protection Commission- Recruitment

    Or.... Join FOE and stop all of this Tyranny acts.
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    Hey! Garron here!

    Welcome Overryder is still around he’s in SYN now
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    News Bulletin

    So you’re saying that you guys would do such tyranny things? Framing, and fabricating evidence against us innocent bystanders. I am appalled by the so called “protectors of the universe”. Is this what we get for paying your taxes? These are the reason why we believe that the TU is no longer...
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    Discussion: Meaningful Implications of Political Assassinations

    To be honest, this would be good content for FOE since we will probably have siphoning from TCs in the near future. But I hope HCs won’t be corrupted and try to take funds out and give it to other factions as treason. That’s where shady things could possibly happen. But overall it sounds like a...
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    News Bulletin

    The Terran Union will not “dismantle” Arms of Absolution. We are not a cell, we are people who believe in humans rights therefore we have our own beliefs that the TU are corrupted and will be shown force by Pallas’s Will. We will not stand anymore by their tyrant actions. Please if you have any...
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    Crime Watch/ CPC Internal Update

    Your search warrant is invalid. There’s no violence or drugs. No syndicate has been seen doing any criminal activity or last step in the club. Us Followers of Eternity are merely just tree huggers, we do not believe in violence but pure peace within Pallas love.
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    Aegis Intelligence; Strategic Aquisitions and Deployment

    Highly recommended of great services! Can’t wait for you to furnish many apartments in the far future! May Pallas bless your essential business into great prosperity and wealth!
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    Due to recent activity GOTC mercenary cell "ACOM" has been seen attacking our pscionic energized Territory Controller with their inefficient Tesla hacking devices. "Elon Musk" and Cokehead" has been declared KOS (Kill on Sight) by AOA not the entirety of FOE. OZ will be punished at 13% tax on...
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    TC BANDITING WILL BE PUNISHED BY THE WRAITH OF PALLAS Praise Pallas! Justice has prevail! Yuka has confessed that he hired a merc to attack our turrets, and TC. Him, and only as OZ has been punished by Arms of Absolution. We have now claimed UC Mining/Production. At last rejoice rejoice...
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    Unfortunately, the Followers of Eternity has been attacked by TC Bandits. We lost our beloved custom crafted psionic turrets, yet took some heavy damages on our TCs. We shall be raising our taxes to cover the damages and vandalism. Our informants in the CPC confirmed our thoughts, the...
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    CPC Aggression Foiled by Followers of Eternity

    Praised Pallas, At last they have seen our true strength. Ancension we must, brothers and sisters we are here to stay.
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    Praise Pallas, at last those who shall witness greatness very soon.

    Praise Pallas, at last those who shall witness greatness very soon.
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    CPC to Execute Eviction on FoE Squatters

    As leader of Arms of Absolution, our protesting for our rights will be justified on that day. True judgement will prevail..we shall be waiting. All hail the power of Pallas! /Signed Cali