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    Name visibility off by default outside Earth

    Name visibility isn't shown outside of Earth unless you are scanned by a player with the correct implant and possibly if you walk past/through certain deployables. Add the option for players to keep it visible to all players, faction members, higher ranks and whatever else customisable. Keep...
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    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    I've some suggestions but wondering what has been agreed on so far?
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    Government Faction Economy

    TLDR; AI mines, produces, transports and sells resources on behalf of Government faction (not FDC/LED). This will provide gear always on market for new players and will provide new player faucets through money siphoning, mercenary contracts (bounties and deputised), corporate mining/production...
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    How will GD be overpowered/undefeatable?

    Because a ded GD is a ded game.
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    Question on Rep

    Can we atleast change it to "rep" instead of "likes"? I feel like i'm dealing with Facebook autists instead of FoM autists.
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    Soft/Hard PP

    Revision of the PP system to hopefully be fairer. Soft PP is accumulated for any criminal activity; selling drugs, structure damage, kills etc. This PP drains overtime and these players are unknown to GD factions (not showing up as MW). If a player is scanned by LED then the PP will be...