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  1. TheJoker

    The Game Industry

    G'day Lads, I wanted to know about people's experiences working in the game industry, Is it good? is it good-bad? or is it bad? Alot of stuff Ive read lately seems to suggest the latter, but that consensus is mainly centered around working in Large Mega Corps which to be honest is not...
  2. TheJoker

    News Service: Discussion

    Hey guys, I've been thinking that it would be great to add an ability for players to view current news and what is going on in the world, initial ideas are; - Everyone's news; supplied by the GM's and broadcast in areas in-game, on special devices or menus and just playing on apartment videos...
  3. TheJoker


    I'm sitting in the pub looking through the development update and see the information about the aliens got me thinking... What about Gore in MR? I would like to see blood when I shoot someone in the face with a high powered rifle, maybe even flying limbs? I think it would be great with the...
  4. TheJoker

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Gday lads! I was wondering if anyone else was looking at this game, they have some great concepts I like how your character gets old and dies every year. I've been following it since 2016 seems like a good development team behind it, also it just surpassed $4 million in preorder/in-game...
  5. TheJoker

    Bug Storage Terminal (Minor)

    Build Version: 189 Location: Storage Terminals. Severity: Minor Description: Storage terminals can be jumped into where do my items come from :) Reporduction: 1. Run into storage terminal (Some may be accessed by crouching and jumping into it). Video:
  6. TheJoker

    Improvement Inventory: Add remove all

    Build Version: 189 Location: Inventory Severity: Minor Description: Would like an option to remove all instead of having to specify the amount added to the menu shown in the video, Would make it easier for production guys who use the iventory alot :) Video:
  7. TheJoker

    Improvement Restrict Account Name To Chreation to Alphabetical Characters Only

    Build Version: 183 Location: Account and Character Creation Severity: Minor Description: Restrict Account and character name creation to use Alphabetical characters as i can be sure there will be people running around with char names 1010101010. Or enforce that their must be atleast a couple...
  8. TheJoker

    Bug Level: Storage Terminal (Minor)

    Build Version: 183 Location: Storage Terminal Severity: Minor Description: You can shoot the Storage Terminals in specific places and the hits will register however some shots go through the terminal. Reproduction Steps: 1. Run To Storage Terminal 2. Shoot Terminal Video:
  9. TheJoker

    Bug Level: Run Through Object. (Minor)

    Build Version: 183 Location: Near the Cars on level ( watch Video) Severity: Minor Description: There is a Pillar where you can run through although all of pillars are ok. Reproduction Steps: 1. Run To location 2. Walk into Pillar close to Cars (watch Video) Video:
  10. TheJoker

    Bug Weapons: Reload ( Minor)

    Build Version: 183 Location: Weapon- Reloading Severity: Minor Description: When Reloading you can interrupt the animation of the reload and still fire even tho the character is still in the process of reloading and has not finished the reload. Reproduction Steps: 1. Fire Weapon 2. Reload...
  11. TheJoker

    Bug Account Creation: Name and password char Limit (Minor)

    Build Version: 183 Location: Account Creation Severity: Minor Description: When making an account it is possible to add as many chars as possible to the account name and password but in the actual login fields you can only use 16 characters in username also password Reproduction Steps: 1...
  12. TheJoker

    Bug Market Terminal: Min Price Bug (Minor)

    Build Version: 173 Location: Market Terminal Severity: Minor Description: When trying to add a minimum value it defaults to 0 instead of the value that you have entered. Reproduction Steps: 1. Launch the MRLauncher 2. interact with market terminal 3. Attempt to add minimum value Video:
  13. TheJoker

    Bug Storage Icons Change to last Item placed into Storage (Moderate)

    Build Version: 168 Severity: Moderate Location: Storage Terminals Description: When placing Ammunition back into storage then retrieving the items again from storage ammunition icon in storage changes to last ammunition you placed in storage. Video has the footage Watch till the end took...
  14. TheJoker

    Bug Graphical Glitch Cloning Facility (Minor)

    Build Version: 168 Location: Cloning Facility Severity: Minor Description: Nuclear Radiation Signs flickering upon inspection Reproduction Steps: 1. Login to game 2. run to Radiation Signs and inspect view video for images. Video:
  15. TheJoker

    Bug Log in Issues (Major)

    Build Version: 168 Location: Login Severity: Major Description: Can't log into game message notifies user that account authentication is successful but fails to load game. Reproduction Steps: 1. Launch the MRLauncher 2. Enter username and Password in fields 3. Attempt to login Video:
  16. TheJoker

    Bug Graphical Glitch Cloning Facility (minor)

    Build Version: 168 Location: Cloning Facility Severity: minor Description: Strange Graphical Error happens when running near the rails in the Cloning Facility view video for images. Reproduction Steps: 1. Launch the game 2. run to guard rails in cloning facility 3. run up and down Glitch...
  17. TheJoker


    i wasn't sure if to post here or the outer ring please move if needed. Cheaters, Hackers, Aim bots, bots and just general pain in the arses, Are disaster's for any MMO they destroy economic balance and player vs player. With websites offering cheats; I was hoping to gather some idea's and...
  18. TheJoker

    Interesting Times.

    Hey, guys, Great to see this game in development I was just reminiscing about fom cant believe it has been over a decade. still, some great vids on youtube going around showing the highlights of fom My original Characters name was The Joker[ES] motb rank 5 or 6 cant remember. I played...