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  1. Skiy

    Combat Simulator

    Just a quick one, particularly for during the testing but could be available in some form in the future. Just need a terminal that we can access and use to join matches. Simple stuff, can create or join a match, have a limited pool of weapons and armor (rather than everything available) or set...
  2. Skiy

    [PvE] Bounty Board

    Hello fellow Carebears, I wanted to make a thread for a suggestion I've mentioned a few times both on the forums and on Discord. As we've seen from the latest Dev blog we know that PvE will be a thing and it actually looks like it might be more enjoyable than we thought it could be (I mean...
  3. Skiy

    Fixed Floating Items

    Probably a non-issue but putting it here regardless. When mining and inventory is full, resources will begin to pile on top of each other When removing the lower objects, the above ones do not fall leaving them stuck floating in the air. I assume there's weight to the objects because...
  4. Skiy

    Forums Reborn suggestion

    Can we have an edit option that's longer than a couple of minutes? With testing currently available, it'd be nice to be able to post useful information and keep it updated once changes hit rather than making a new thread or post.