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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2031

    A bunch of stuff which I sadly didn't keep track of lol :kwisatzh: UI overhauls Bug fixes Crime snapshot system is finally live, committing crimes creates snapshots in the location of the crime, which contain all relevant data, currently they spawn anywhere, but in the near future, you'll be...
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    In the trash where the rest of the SPAM goes.

    In the trash where the rest of the SPAM goes.
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    Wasn't a mod either.

    Wasn't a mod either.
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1983 & Patch 0.1984

    Patch 0.1984 Fixed an issue that removed market terminals from the territory system and caused data loss. Fixed an issue with certain terminals not showing the interaction outline.
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    Discord Updates - April 2021

    The following changes have been made to our Discord server: All public chat channels have been archived to preserve content and new channels have been opened in their place. If there is anything specific you do not want to lose, please contact @Fickey or @Necidious and we will attempt to...
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1983 & Patch 0.1984

    Implemented a glow effect to faction armor sets, this will apply a subtle glow to armor pieces similar to how Valorant handles enemy glows, the effect gets more intense when the armor is not in the middle of the screen, this can be toggled on/off in the gameplay options, hopefully this helps a...
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    Showdown at Sundown (Open Poker Night)

    Thread cleaned. Posts that are SPAM, responses to SPAM, or woefully OOC will be removed and users warned/punished. If ya don’t have anything constructive to add, don’t post.
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1941

    Patch 0.1943 Adjusted combat music volume Adjusted some world/club music volumes Fixed combat music not being adjustable with the volume slider Fixed a server crash caused by combat flagging Fixed quantum nodes not blocking deployable placement near them
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1941

    Implemented combat locking, whenever you attack with a weapon, you'll be combat flagged, this will prevent being able to travel out of the world. Combat music will loop in as well during this period (audio settings didn't seem to hook up properly, music is too loud atm, will hotfix in a bit)...
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1914 & 0.1920

    Patch 0.1920 - More industrial tweaks - Added more logs to figure out why equipment slot dragging breaks in packaged build - Fixed quantum gate entry FX not playing - Fixed energy sniper contract turn in, was using old name - Fixed not being able to deploy items - Fixed turret detection radius...
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    Wat wat, inyabutt :pablopopcorn:

    Wat wat, inyabutt :pablopopcorn:
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    no confidence in our faction R6 David Ord

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank the above quoted for assisting in this matter as they have given the best advice and feedback on how this situation should be handled at this current state of the game. I'd suggest saving the pitchforks for when proper mechanics are in place so y'all can...
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1865

    Increased healing effectiveness on burger to 10% and meth to 15% Increase resamp healing to 0.8% Added Union City - Industrial to the starmap, NOTE: This world is still a work in progress and is not considered gameplay ready, it doesn't have terminals apart from some storage, medical and quantum...
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    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1858

    Implemented the base framework of the crime system, players now have a crime status tag that increases/decreases depending on your PP and this will have an effect on gameplay, getting arrested will tag you as a prisoner, escaping prison will tag you as a fugitive, etc. Implemented a server side...
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    Made a lot of mistakes but I love you all [CMG]

    Hey @aceofspades, welcome to the community! Right now, forum accounts are not tied into the game/main website account system. We do plan on having them all connected one day. For now, we have to manually set your usergroup to match your donation and I just took care of that for you. Let us know...
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    In. My. Butt. :wtf:

    In. My. Butt. :wtf:
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    The better question is... did it ever? :spinthink:

    The better question is... did it ever? :spinthink:
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    Forum Improvements

    For sure some good points and things we can address! Especially the first three. The fourth, I will have to dig in and see where any hang up is and would be curious to know if anyone else has noticed this. Either way, thank you!! Bruh right?! But seriously, this is planned as one of my goals...