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  1. Skiy

    Bannerlord Online?

    I play on EU1 from time to time, waiting on it to be a bit more fleshed out and have some real PVP going. Looking to join a shieldwall pls.
  2. Skiy

    Let's talk TTK,"FoMbat", and Mankind Reborn

    I love the Warzone TTK but I still think it'd be a little low for MR, even with armor plates.
  3. Skiy

    Bullshit new member bonus, I'm joining CPC!

    Bullshit new member bonus, I'm joining CPC!
  4. Skiy

    Faction specific methods of HC selection and removal.

    Some thoughts about the above idea. 1. It still promotes popularity contests but with the additional bonus of being able to take a large group of players, jump to a faction and take it over with little issue. 2. Fighting between government factions (TDC/CPC) is probably something we don't want...
  5. Skiy

    Maybe an Arena?

    I think giving GOTC an arena is an interesting idea, could see Syndicate having deals with cells to run fight night or something. Before factions get their shit though can we have an open temp arena? Push announcement for fights, get screenshots, profit. Remove on release or whatever.
  6. Skiy

    Combat Simulator

    Just a quick one, particularly for during the testing but could be available in some form in the future. Just need a terminal that we can access and use to join matches. Simple stuff, can create or join a match, have a limited pool of weapons and armor (rather than everything available) or set...
  7. Skiy

    Cargo Shuttle: Train robberies

    Shipping Insurance :cool: Covers the fee for a transfer, no insurance lose the fee ontop of your goods. Even more reason for security.
  8. Skiy

    Cargo Shuttle: Train robberies

    Bio bring back fat characters too while we're at it.
  9. Skiy

    Random things

    Yup do the garbage. It's a bit boring but gives you an excuse to wander around UC, think I've managed to work out the map now. I think you get 30 UC per bag of trash, but more if you're doing a contract. Also, you can always go into the sewers (fastest way is to vort there) and drag rogue...
  10. Skiy

    Any old BoS still around??

    Lots of us from multiple eras still stalking about. Hope you stick around broski :)
  11. Skiy

    Game bug reporting

    I believe this one has been noted already, had the same thing happen to me and the temp fix from Bio was to make another character with a different name and then reset it again. Took me two attempts though so try that for now :)
  12. Skiy

    Pre-Alpha Balancing and general suggestions

    Two things for me at the minute. Grenade Launcher Projectiles feel a little bit flimsy with it, bounce is nice but it would be great to have a bit more weight to it, I think it'd make it a little more practical. It still bounces quite a lot even if you have a high fire arc which I think...
  13. Skiy

    Alpha Event - Zerg fights & stress test on 04/20/2019 @ 5 PM EST!

    I'll be in work :( Will try and sneak the PC in lol
  14. Skiy

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Aw, did I get baited? I was actually excited to see things being talked about on the forum :'(
  15. Skiy

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    So go and play BDO or EVE? Let me point out the pretty big difference. With both EVE and BDO, you don't have to participate in any of the player organisations, you can fuck it off entirely. I've spent most of my EVE existence in High Sec rather than Null, so corps don't really have a huge...
  16. Skiy

    Community Input - Combat Visual Identifiers

    rofl, nevermind kid, you tried <3 xx
  17. Skiy

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    The factions are core to the game, whether you like it or not. I'd like to know when you played FoM just so I have an idea of what you know of it when you're making comparisons, mainly because if we're talking about that game, the best was in the early 2000s when we had eight factions (okay nine...
  18. Skiy

    Community Input - Combat Visual Identifiers

    Your ideas are bad irrelevant of what year you post them in, you'll just have to guzzle that down kiddo. Your ideas aren't new, you're asking for things like buffs for being in cover or being in a group. I'll break it down, that's a re-tar-ded idea and I'll "shoot" it down until I see a good...
  19. Skiy

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    That's not what good faith means buddy, sorry <3 Right I'm pretty certain you either didn't play FoM or are too young to appreciate it if you did play. From the looks of it, the HC of the factions consist of players who not only have experience running factions in this kind of setting (as in...
  20. Skiy

    Community Input - Combat Visual Identifiers

    I don't quite understand what you're talking about here sorry buddy. If you're on about it taking inspiration from FoM? Then it'd be the "fourth"installment, maybe even the fifth if you separate the original beta from the Ojom P2P fiasco if that's what you mean. I'll address your post in good...