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    Weapons Rebalancing

    These are the long awaited proposed changes for weapons. BioXide has approved of the changes. If anyone would like to further discuss, give an input,or would like a different change, feel free to post your arguements and opinions.
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    Armor Overhaul

    As BioXide has planned, there will be an Armor Overhaul into what Old FoM had where damage is location based i.e if you got shot in the chest with no chest armor, you will receive full damage. With this planned Overhaul, BioXide has also requested suggestions for the new armor values from the...
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    Implants Balancing

    old FoM values : Res amp : 1.5% hp/s (heals only up to 80%), 1 bio/s shield amp : 150 armor/shielding,1 bio/s stam amp : 5% agi, 2.5% stam regen, 2 bio/s current MR values : res amp : 0.75% hp/s (heals up to 100%), 0.85 bio/s shield amp : 5% resistance, 1 bio/s stam amp : 10% speed, 1% stam...
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    Gun Problems

    After the fun beef me, The Bluntforce, and The Syndicate had a few hours ago. Me and a few other BluntForce members has come to a realisation that the Semi Weapons in the game is really underwhelming. I brought up the points to BioXide that me and the other BluntForce concluded from the beef...
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    A few economy and gameplay suggestions.

    I have a few suggestions regarding the economy and the game that I give to Bioxide from which he asked me to make a forum post and ask the community's input 1. AMMO PRICE Currently, alot of the ammos are too expensive to make. Ammos are essentially fundamental items. To give you all a picture...
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    Mercenary Cell : Alpha Company

    "A man's worth is measured by the price on his head" O V E R V I E W As the oldest mercenary cell and one of the founding fathers of the Mercenary Alliance Network, The Alpha Company is known to be ruthless yet efficient killing machines. Boasting a plethora of achievements and decades of...