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  1. Boomer

    A Difference of Opinion

    My writing skills back when this was written were somewhat lacking, but I figured I'd re-post it here, some older players might get a kick out of it, and it's my character story. Obviously, factions, locations , etc, bit out of date... Part 1 The Berlin apartment was dimly lit, sitting in a...
  2. Boomer

    Space Transport & Combat

    Not as au fait with the current lore, probably none of this fits anymore, but I figured it couldn't hurt to re-post some of the background work I did on space travel, space warfare and the like for the original game(s), hope it's still in the correct sentiment :smug: - PS: This took a lot longer...
  3. Boomer

    What's up!?

    Well, well, well, didn't think I'd find anything to do with FoM... Gotten back into gaming since lockdown and corona, thought I'd see what was left of the old MMO's I used to play... Found this place, who else is still around?