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  1. Pablo Hernandez

    Good-bye for now?

    Hello friends and fellow community members, I would like to start off with asking Staff not to delete this post as it has nothing to do with breaking any rules this is a goodbye post from myself to the game and community until I feel like returning (if I ever do). Recent events and past...
  2. Pablo Hernandez

    Urgent News! Blunt Force disbanded!

    Hello Citizens of the Union, I come to you with joyous news from a Vote the Conclave held recently. A recent vote held within The Conclave was to decide whether or not to disband the Minor Mercenary Cell "Blunt Force", the reasoning behind the vote are as Follows: Crimes against the Union...
  3. Pablo Hernandez

    High PP/Most Wanted/Fugitive Black Market

    Suggestion: a black market tab that becomes available for use once you reach a certain amount of penalty points, are Most Wanted, and/or a Fugitive. The items for sale on the black market would be illegal items only and crafted and placed on the market by players not the game. It would be...
  4. Pablo Hernandez

    Trouble within Mercenary Ranks!

    "The Conclave is relieved to say that we have removed and Blacklisted the following Ex-Mercenaries KTwist and XCalibur from our ranks after they used the Premium Cloning Service to change Factions and go on a Ganking Spree and Terminal Ganked fellow Mercenaries and Bystanders a like! The...
  5. Pablo Hernandez

    Public Announcement from The Conclave.

    "The Conclave is announcing the official Kill on Sight status of One Very Junior Employee John White of Oda Zaibatsu, and One Very Idiotic Member of The Syndicate Sam Jackson who conspired behind the back of their Leadership to ruin the agreements of Peace between Oda Zaibatsu and the Guns of...
  6. Pablo Hernandez


    uhhhh pretty sure everyone knows of me or knows who I am. just wanted to say Hai.