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  1. Necidious

    Epic Games Store

    We are very much aware of the advantages of releasing the game on the Epic Games Store. We are planning to investigate it further at a later date.
  2. Necidious

    An old GoM Friend

    Hi, welcome to the funhouse. Where did you learn about us?
  3. Necidious

    Community Input - Laws and Punishment

    The CPC is the organization which enforces the law, not create or edit them. Ideally, laws should be designed and managed by the government, which is also player-ran.
  4. Necidious

    U af TikTok?

    You're taking the Avalon Knights portion way too serious, Shake.
  5. Necidious

    dot-dot-dot is happy to be here

    A special name you have there! Welcome.
  6. Necidious

    So which faction guess time

    I must admit that we are still very much considering our options regarding the introductions of each faction in the game. It is likely we will introduce more and more factions as the game gains more popularity and player base. It seems like the most reasonable way of handling that specific...
  7. Necidious

    Economy System

    Hi there, Happy to have you onboard the MR-train, @Jack Weasel! Yes, players will be able to manufacture, refine and sell items on the global market. The term 'Economy' embraces a much more vast amount of complexity than just that, however. It will incorporate taxes, fees and much more. We...
  8. Necidious

    The Funniest Person on MR Forums?

    Where is Moderator Tod Maddux when you need him?
  9. Necidious

    The Funniest Person on MR Forums?

    As good ol' 4chan would have put it, No Fun Allowed. :p
  10. Necidious

    The Funniest Person on MR Forums?

    Che was funny, at times. He is banned now. :cap:
  11. Necidious

    Eurocore / Vortex Inc Roll Call

    I think you're mistaking Eurocore with American Enterprises.
  12. Necidious

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, welcome!
  13. Necidious

    Will the game be available outside of steam?

    Hello, The game will only be available on Steam on release day, I'm afraid. However, that doesn't mean there will never be a standalone version later down the road.
  14. Necidious

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, and welcome, Russell! Thank you for your donation. It's greatly appreciated.
  15. Necidious

    Discussion: Development Update #12

    Thank you, @Safwan! That's exactly the thing we want to nail right from the start — the atmosphere and the feeling one would get from playing a cyberpunk game.
  16. Necidious

    Discussion: Development Update #12

    Read all about it here!
  17. Necidious

    Development Update #12 (September & October 2018)

    Hello Citizens, Today is the day we will finally reveal the reason why it has been so quiet on our end for the past two months. In this month's development blog, we'll cover a few topics that are quite substantial. The team was hard at work developing and improving key mechanics; such as player...
  18. Necidious

    Its time to eco to death again

    Welcome, Sam! Good having you here! :)
  19. Necidious

    Welcome! :)

    Welcome! :)
  20. Necidious

    Companion Mobile Application.

    We may or may not have already considered the feasibility of developing such app for your phone that fully integrates into specific game world mechanics. However, the priority is currently at its lowest – we do not rule out of having one in the future.