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  1. WintersFrost

    An Analysis on Daily Contracts:

    @Battlepaw Regarding your CPC comment, -don't know if you played FoM- there were scanning and guarding missions in the old game. I.e. If you were a LED you might have a mission to scan "x" number of player or find "x" number of illegal items (I don't remember exactly how that one worked). With...
  2. WintersFrost

    Your Deployable Suggestions:

    Quite frankly, I think we could benefit from open-text signs. Deployables show the name of who placed them, so if there's anything offensive placed it could be easily identified who placed it and taken care of. Perhaps the sign could be changeable - from the icons like you suggested above to an...
  3. WintersFrost

    So this is happening huh?

    Welcome to pre-alpha! Hope you're in for the long run.
  4. WintersFrost

    Space Capes & The Clothing Of The Future.

    This is an interesting idea. I think this would be particularly useful to factions like Syndicate and FoE.
  5. WintersFrost

    Terrorism and Destruction in Club Inferno

    CPC Response to the Destruction of Private Property The CPC is disgusted by this blatant act of vandalism by Colonel Axonium. While the persons who placed those items are presumably a part of the FoE encampment, they were given until tomorrow to vacate. Therefore, this violates their seizure...
  6. WintersFrost

    CPC to Execute Eviction on FoE Squatters

    To be fair, an unarmed CPC Superintendent was sent to cloning during this incident as captured by CCTV footage. Further, CPC has largely left the club to its patrons and has offered a tax-free incentive for people to find entertainment there.
  7. WintersFrost

    CPC to Execute Eviction on FoE Squatters

    (FoE Terrorists pose for a picture after taking up arms in Mars - Club Inferno) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLUB INFERNO, Mars - On 6/30/2165 at approximately 10:00 hours, FoE terrorists took Mars - Club Inferno by force. "Praise Pallas!" "It is the way!" and various other chants were heard over...
  8. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    We would encourage them to look into this matter so that we may swiftly take them into custody for their drug charges.
  9. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    You're more than welcome to request the warrants and paperwork from the Clerk of Courts.
  10. WintersFrost

    Community Input: Prison

    Like a pp multiplier? i.e. 1.2x for 100k UC?
  11. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    Mr. Cali, We would encourage you to seek a resolution through the court system; any acts against the Club will be prosecuted. Regards, Supt. Winters Frost
  12. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    Mr. Devlin, You are more than welcome to appeal this decision through the court system. I would discourage you from taking any forceful action as that would simply result in charges being filed against you and any co-conspirators. Regards, Winters Frost
  13. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLUB INFERNO, Mars - The Civil Protection Commission is announcing the first step of many in its crackdown on crime. At midnight on 06/27/2165, CPC Officers conducted a raid on Club Inferno, formally owned by the criminal organization known as "The Syndicate." A local...
  14. WintersFrost

    Good-bye for now?

    Best of luck to you Pablo. Despite your intent not to return, I hope to see you again in the future.
  15. WintersFrost

    Showdown at Sundown (Open Poker Night)

    Seeing as there's no community-wide combat event, I suppose I'll be attending now.
  16. WintersFrost

    Griefers posing as Blunt Force members

    Even if they aren't affiliated anymore and even if they are clowns they still have ties to your cell name. They've completely ruined the reputation of the cell, even if they're not a part of it anymore. If you want factions to actually hire your cell I would highly recommend rebranding.
  17. WintersFrost

    Griefers posing as Blunt Force members

    Blunt Force is dead; you really should rebrand and make a new cell.
  18. WintersFrost

    Urgent News! Blunt Force disbanded!

    From the Civil Protection Commission side we will also blacklist XCali, Fowl, Ehren Kibigami, Paul Pepperoni, Sorven, and James Titan. Supt. Winters Frost Internal Affairs Department
  19. WintersFrost

    Urgent News! Blunt Force disbanded!

    @Pablo Hernandez, The Civil Protection Commission supports the decision of GotC High Command to disband the criminal organization formerly known as "Blunt Force." This band of criminals are known for their repeated destruction of both Union and Non-Union property to include TCs and turrets...
  20. WintersFrost

    Church of Sol

    The Civil Protection Commission will be monitoring this church for allegations of tax evasion, especially with this new church's appearing to be completely opposite in beliefs from the previous church. Notably, the church is managed by the same owner as the previous one. All citizens should do...