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  1. WintersFrost

    CPC to Execute Eviction on FoE Squatters

    (FoE Terrorists pose for a picture after taking up arms in Mars - Club Inferno) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLUB INFERNO, Mars - On 6/30/2165 at approximately 10:00 hours, FoE terrorists took Mars - Club Inferno by force. "Praise Pallas!" "It is the way!" and various other chants were heard over...
  2. WintersFrost

    CPC Conducts Raid on Club Inferno

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLUB INFERNO, Mars - The Civil Protection Commission is announcing the first step of many in its crackdown on crime. At midnight on 06/27/2165, CPC Officers conducted a raid on Club Inferno, formally owned by the criminal organization known as "The Syndicate." A local...
  3. WintersFrost

    IAD Response to the Attempted Coup of CPC

    Good Evening, I am Superintendent Winters Frost of the CPC Internal Affairs Department; as many of you are aware, a coup attempt occurred earlier this week by a few members of the CPC. First and foremost, as I was directly named and suggested as a replacement for Commandant David Ord. While I...
  4. WintersFrost