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  1. Tod Maddux

    So what is good all?

  2. Tod Maddux


  3. Tod Maddux

    Memorable names.

    Dont forget Carmel Delight
  4. Tod Maddux

    Anyone playing Crowfall?

    im tod
  5. Tod Maddux

    Anyone playing Crowfall?

    Who the fuck are you?
  6. Tod Maddux

    Memorable names.

    I never sold Knives in prison
  7. Tod Maddux

    This community isn't even toxic

    Im not toxic, Im Tod
  8. Tod Maddux

    Character skills

    Maybe we can add different tools to make you better at skills, like start with a wooden mining tool, then progress to a diamond IV mining pick to mine better with mining.
  9. Tod Maddux

    Other Styles of combat.

    Lets add sniper bilds doods
  10. Tod Maddux

    Character skills

    Maybe there should be skill books that we could learn. Then we can train the books over time to learn the skill, kind of like in EVE.
  11. Tod Maddux

    Crime Watch/ CPC Internal Update

    Stand down patrolman. You have been relieved of duty.
  12. Tod Maddux

    Who were you?

    Im Tod
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  14. Tod Maddux

    Good-bye for now?

    Im Tod
  15. Tod Maddux

    Music thread

  16. Tod Maddux

    Facts Regarding the BF Controversy

    Mess with the best, die like the rest.
  17. Tod Maddux

    Urgent News! Blunt Force disbanded!

    Looks like I won, again.
  18. Tod Maddux

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    I voted for Marlboro Red instead of Brad Rivers