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    Lore: Flora

    Here's the first pass of our flora lore that will supplement the new gathering system, which will be expanded further with the introduction of cooking and drug production. Generic Generic crops are (often highly genetically modified) crops that will grow in almost any terrestrial or near...
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    Getha (Necars Field 2.0)

    Hello, Pre-production has started for Getha, and our level designer will begin working on it in a few weeks. I want to follow the same process we did with Ceres, where we use a fom colony as a base layout/design, then expand from there and add custom stuff. I'd love to integrate the community...
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    Suggestions for Future in MR

    The addition of crime datapads is similar to the PP cards in FoM, where you have to manually report the crime on a terminal, it adds a bit more manual steps into PP generation and allows an investigator playstyle to flourish. This would require having an active player base to truly see how it...
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    I implore you to reconsider

    I implore you to reconsider
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    Sansevaria Plant will be made illegal in next patch due to community request

    Sansevaria Plant will be made illegal in next patch due to community request
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    Other Styles of combat.

    jump in and teach cali a thing or two
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    Incentivizing Eco faction participation

    Ideally, I want to get rid of most of the grind and just move players into beef and content for the time being until the next wipe
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    Implants Balancing

    when it's ready:tm:
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    Implants Balancing

    Armor will be getting overhauled once gloves come in, it's likely the armor values will shift around and not be equal on all pieces, such as torso having the highest armor value and I'll want to experiment with locational damage, not wearing a helmet and taking damage there will not provide any...
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    Incentivizing Eco faction participation

    I've been doing some tweaks to ecoing to make it less tedious during the pre-alpha, here's what I have so far: - Reduced PMOD license costs by 50% - Increased production speed by 50% - Increased mining speed by 50% - Reduced deployable barriers/decorations production recipe costs by 50% -...
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    Ideas to make UC Downtown more valuable

    Some nice points, downtown is due for some big adjustments to the layout, we already have industrial coming which will be the main UC hub, for now, downtown will likely get vaulted after that since it doesn't serve much of a purpose.
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    Community Input - General Player Progression

    Revisiting this thread, curious to see updated opinions after the pre-alpha has been live for half a year now.
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    This community isn't even toxic

    stop derailing the thread u degenerates
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    This community isn't even toxic

    I was quite toxic but then I became a made man. As Cad said, the $35 wall is keeping most of the toxicity out, which is one of the main reasons it's there at the current moment, or else we would be swarmed.
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    Questions & Answers for Mankind Reborn

    It's getting wiped multiple times before release.
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    Discussion: Development Update #19

    It's meant to force players to disable their territory protection for an entire cycle