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  2. Gavin

    Pre-Alpha to Alpha Territory & Colony Control Suggestion

    DISCLAIMER Hey fellow clones before heading directly to the comments this is a suggestion and I just wish to see everyones ideas on it as-well but I do feel like there is a common issue with the current territory system in place and even though it is very early I just want to map out what I...
  3. Gavin

    NSM Foundation of TUMS

    We never claimed our morals are right.
  4. Gavin


    Happy to see people indulge into believing there is an godly being who brought us clones into our very own world as everyone should have the right to believe in any religion they wish to do so I'm happy and supporting of the foundation of this church and will be there on its opening day!
  5. Gavin

    NSM Foundation of TUMS

    We at NSM are proud to announce the formation of our first NSM exclusive franchise known as The Underground Mineral Stockpile. This franchise will be dedicated to mining raw materials and selling them at a great offer. I mean we're miners it what we're best at isn't it? Led by our trustworthy...
  6. Gavin

    Oda Zaibatsu Recruitment

  7. Gavin

    NSM Contract Order Announcement

    Need an order of weapons fast? Need an order of Territory Controllers for your faction? North Star Mining has that covered. North Star Mining introduces our official secure and trustworthy contract terminal where you can put in what you need and it shows up in no time! Our top indentured...
  8. Gavin

    NSM declares galactic purge against Xenos

    After multiple tragic deaths by the Xenos, of innocent NSM clones and clones-alike we aim to remove the plague of the galaxy. Multiple indented miners and entrepreneurs of NSM have been or will be affected by the hands of these monsters. How will we have a distant future with this plague...
  9. Gavin

    "Scalp" Items

    Would save the GoTC from having to screenshot every kill.
  10. Gavin

    Announcement of Official agreements between OZ,AE,NSM

    I agree to these terms and accept this pact. /Signed R6 Senior Executive Gavin
  11. Gavin

    still mining

    still mining
  12. Gavin

    Concealment from scanners

    Maybe a certain misc item can be equipped to decrease discovery chances. Or make an item that cost bio-energy and eats it up fast but jams the scanner but the player would have to try to guess when he's being scanned.
  13. Gavin

    On the clans

    I believe this idea is good but I also believe everyone should have the liberty to claim things even if it doesn't suit their need there shouldn't be any hard limitations, like that just soft ones. At the end of the day this is a sandbox and R7s should be able to do what they want with in-game...
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    Back in the coal mines.

    Back in the coal mines.
  15. Gavin

    What Faction Are You Joining?

    Take your guess.
  16. Gavin

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Great article excited for more.
  17. Gavin

    So which faction guess time

    I have a discord with 9000 actives that play games like this that are kids don't make me summon the 14 year old army. I'll make a division called kony's warband
  18. Gavin

    So which faction guess time

  19. Gavin


    A necessity!