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  1. TeaPaine

    Civil Protection Commission- Call for increased funding

    This arm of the law is on a high protein diet, the commissariat must provide black coffee and beef jerky.
  2. TeaPaine

    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    First memory is: Arriving at DMC and seeing some poor, bored, souless husk standing on a ramp getting trolled by various other factions because he won't let them stand on it as well as they aren't wearing blue. I thought, that looks like fun, I'll join the LED.
  3. TeaPaine

    Other Styles of combat.

    For someone jumping in at this relatively late stage, are the builds anything like the FoM builds? Ie. Speed, Regen, Tank
  4. TeaPaine

    Hows it goin

    Can I assume that the servers are not active atm then? Just so I know its not an issue with my own access lol
  5. TeaPaine

    Civil Protection Commission Update- Transportation

    I'm on board, lets get some law done. Nicely.
  6. TeaPaine

    Hows it goin

    Still falling on the side of the law eh? I may do the same, back to humble beginnings ;)
  7. TeaPaine

    Memorable names.

    Spark Slick Johnson Chexguy Jacob Jacobi Boom Vipus Beer Baron Shoot Kakio Balder Santo Houser
  8. TeaPaine

    Hows it goin

    Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, all up, but fine besides. Whats going on with this game then?
  9. TeaPaine

    Hows it goin

    Old FoM chap
  10. TeaPaine

    Where are they now, do you know?

    Has anyone seen Watertrap? Child that was in LED, I think Houser still owes him an apology.
  11. TeaPaine

    Hows it going?