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  1. David Ord


    In the drop down menu on the top left of screen click on your profile and photo which opens the account details window, scroll down and under the faction section you can click on and select a prefered faction and then save changes. On the main page of the forum you can then view the faction forum.
  2. David Ord


    Hello and welcome back. Within your forum account settings you may set a faction and be able to view the faction forums. Have a look around, if you decide you want to join the Civil Protection Commission let me know
  3. David Ord

    Howdy Folks!

    Hello and welcome to Mankind Reborn
  4. David Ord

    Its good to be back

    Greeting Tsu and welcome to Mankind Reborn
  5. David Ord

    Civil Protection Commission- Call for increased funding

    Today David Ord has called on the Terran Union government for increase funding to the Civil Protection Commission to combat warring criminal factions "An Increase is needed in the areas of equipment and recruitment within CPC to maintain law and order across the Terran Union". This has come at...
  6. David Ord

    Lore: Flora

    Very nice inclusion team. Will the crops across the different colonies have a daily gathering limit similar to the mining and mineral system? and will the crops used in illicit drug manufacturing have a set penalty point value?
  7. David Ord

    Getha (Necars Field 2.0)

    Getha is a vital colony as it provides the Ceres Prison Faculty a steady supply of reginensis meat to keep the inmates well nourished. Looking forward to stepping foot on the colony and interacting with its inhabitants.
  8. David Ord

    Getha (Necars Field 2.0)

    Swarm of flying aliens that can attack from the sky and move about in high numbers. Include canyons and have alien hives that are hidden away in tunnels and caves. To destroy the hive, the aliens and eggs within the area need to be cleared with the main hive structure having high HP and needs...
  9. David Ord

    Mission System Suggestion

    Faction leaders will look for the most fluid way to get the faction funds out to its members the quickest way possible. Allowing the flexibility to set missions without too many moving parts in between will aid this. HC approve the list of completed missions to release the set reward and the...
  10. David Ord

    Civil Protection Commission Update- Transportation

    Civil Protection Commission Pictured: Commandant David J. Ord From the desk of the Commandant, I like to provide a update to the community on Civil Protection Commission operations and current faction stand point. At the behest of the Terran Union Government, CPC personnel stand...
  11. David Ord


    Glad to see you return. Please introduce yourself to the faction using this CPC forum link Also join the discussions on the CPC discord
  12. David Ord


    Welcome from the Civil Protection Commission. Have you given any thought on which faction you will be joining? Police, military, corporation, mercenary? This important choice is up to you
  13. David Ord

    Civil Protection Commission- Controlled Substance Manufacture & Supply

    Civil Protection Commission Announcement Dear Citizens, Due to the detrimental and long term effects on the human body, drugs are classified as a controlled substance. As a result the Civil Protection Commission is active in eliminating the illegal manufacture and sale of controlled...
  14. David Ord

    Civil Protection Commission- Recruitment

    Dear citizen, Want to uphold law and order and keep your community safe? Enter in to a career as a police officer of the Civil Protection Commission. There are many specialist roles including solving major crime and active investigations into narcotic supply and distribution as a detective...
  15. David Ord

    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    Remembering the first time involved in a social mmo of this unique genre leaves a lasting impression on the player. Its vital to get this correct. Leading from character creation on to faction introduction and back stories on to current gameplay situation and playerbase interaction. The video...
  16. David Ord

    Hello All I am the Real ( Caudwell Speed ) not a fake one to trolling.

    Make sure you are using the correct form Alternately you can submit the report online using the link below and a CPC officer will review the information provided Good day
  17. David Ord

    Suggestions for Future in MR

    1. Likely its a current game design to have players spend small amount in time in the prison, but the x2 speed up of a prison sentence needs to be removed as it has no lore purpose. 2. Murder value has increased slightly, the difference with the MR crime system is that the scanner has to be...
  18. David Ord

    Suggestions for Future in MR

    Following suggestions to curb the griefing in game in MR future 1. Penalty point speed reduction in ceres cell block removed keeping criminals that have built up large amounts of penalty points behind bars longer then currently implemented. 2. Increase the penalty point generation to 400 for...
  19. David Ord

    Terran Union Law Enforcement

    Today is a momentous occasion for the Terran Union and stabilization of the government. The Civil Protection Commission has been provided authority to protect union law and incarcerate criminals within the Ceres prison faculty. When asked what significance the day marks for the Civil Protection...
  20. David Ord

    News Bulletin

    There are no negotiations made with terrorist organizations by the Terran Union.