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  1. Munki

    On the topic of current testing...

    Do you know what the term 'Alpha' in software development means? Regardless... In my opinion, you should be donating to ensure the projects continued development, and not to be a glorified QA tester - why anyone would want to pay for that is beyond me. It seems like you've got this backwards.
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    Music thread

  3. Munki

    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    I've saved loads of old LED documents, some of these are over 8 years old... Standard Operating Procedure Officer Handbook DPI Assessment Patrol Protocol There's also this link to the FDC Criminal Articles.
  4. Munki

    Monetary CPC Fines

    I will not consider this game immersive until I can perform rectal examinations.
  5. Munki

    Who were you?

    That explains so much.
  6. Munki

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    The vicious cycle continues.
  7. Munki

    Howdy folks!

    Good to see you back, Leon.
  8. Munki

    ISP and Speedtest

  9. Munki

    Worst Dates

    This isn't fucking Reddit.
  10. Munki

    What's your desktop screen savor do not be shy of posting games that you play. :)

    Cuyval was called Craig Murphy in FoM.
  11. Munki

    What's your desktop screen savor do not be shy of posting games that you play. :)

    How do you live with all that clutter on your desktop?
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    Political Compass Test

  13. Munki


    No knife fam, just a fork.
  14. Munki

    Questions & Answers for Mankind Reborn

    Will there be gay bars? I am also asking for a friend.
  15. Munki

    Music thread
  16. Munki

    Suggestion: The Wiseman's Committee

    Lots of unwise men in this thread.
  17. Munki

    I'm here, my dudes.

    Good to see you back, Gabes!
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    Love you.
  19. Munki

    Happy 4th of July!

    You call it a victory, we call it a lucky break.
  20. Munki

    Economy, Level System, Much More

    The irony of this post is palpable.