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  1. Safwan

    Hows it goin

    Welcome back Officer. o7
  2. Safwan

    Anyone playing Crowfall?

    hey, i'm Safwan
  3. Safwan

    Anyone playing Crowfall?

    Wondering if anyone is. If anyone wants to try, i can give you a free trial code for 10 or so days to try it out. pretty great open world PvP mmo. i know tons of reviewers are shitting on it but then again they also shat on FoM and that didn't stop us from sinking years into it. totally...
  4. Safwan

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Sweet memories.
  5. Safwan

    Discussion: Meaningful Implications of Political Assassinations

    Honestly I want casual/serious RP. Not hardcore RP. Hardcore RP becomes a bit much.
  6. Safwan

    It’s been so long

    Welcome back
  7. Safwan

    Bannerlord Online?

    I'm on EU 1 as well mate. Lets hook up sometime
  8. Safwan

    Bannerlord Online?

    Anyone playing Bannerlord online? Pretty dope MMO Mod Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. Video:
  9. Safwan

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Good to see you back with us mate. Some real hit to nostalgia right there.
  10. Safwan

    Memorable names.

    Winters Sapere Brad Rivers Professor Plum Xyber Fall of Denial Tio Patinhas
  11. Safwan

    What's up!?

    welcome back mate
  12. Safwan

    We need better overhead identifiers for allies & foes

    we need this shit exactly.
  13. Safwan

    We need better overhead identifiers for allies & foes

    After the last event, I realized how hard it is to identify allies from foes in zerg fights. we need better overhead identifiers to designate allies and foes. something similar to what we used to get in final phase of FoM FB. simple green, yellow and red markers over head will do the job.
  14. Safwan

    Happy birthday Lith!

    Happy birthday Lith!
  15. Safwan

    Hey guys, returning from FoM

    Welcome back Nolan
  16. Safwan

    BLUNT FORCE - Mercenary Cell

    Excellent and professional services.