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  1. Scavy

    Hello again

    Allo! Welcome!
  2. Scavy

    Hey an FotD player here!

    Hello! Here is hoping we can bring back the good times.
  3. Scavy

    Discussion: Development Update #13

    I haven't been excited for a game in years, I'm looking forward to seeing this come out. Seems like it has a lot of the feel of FOM.
  4. Scavy

    Drug Addiction?

    I think its a good idea having some sort of addiction system, otherwise they're just more powerful buffs that are illegal for some reason. I think just an addiction system where you get some harsh temporary debuffs for a while when not taking the drug would be fine, of course there could be a...
  5. Scavy

    Send Coordinates Feature

    I remember something like that yeah, I think implant is better than having the ability to just turn it off in a setting. Otherwise people to turn it off and never think about it again, having an implant could mean players work to getting it and patrol planets looking to help faction mates.
  6. Scavy

    Faction chat colors

    I dont want to think about Sparks privates
  7. Scavy

    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    The most you can do is delay the game from getting into that state. Unless you want to start introducing economic depressions, hyper inflation or crisis events that actively drain player resources and reset the economy that will always be result of games that reward progress. Though I don't...
  8. Scavy

    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    I think this question really depends on player count and how its all handled. If there are enough varied enemies and spaces so that a good portion of the community can go and hunt Global would likely be better as it puts a limit on items entering the economy. However once you have too many...
  9. Scavy

    Send Coordinates Feature

    I think a sonar ping with a mini - map is a great idea, I'm also reminded though of maps with several levels of elevation turning out to be a virtual hell because of its maze like structure. Way more complicated but it would be nice to have arrows direction you around this maze to get to the...
  10. Scavy

    NSM Planet Cracker Spaceship

    Would make it difficult claiming territory and a great way to slow people down making territories not worth much until you build up its infrastructure. With the more swapping between factions destroying more of it each time. Would make terrorism and sabotage interesting mechanics as well.
  11. Scavy

    Turning speed limitations

    Turning speed limitations would be infuriating for players. it would place a limiter on a players skill. Heavy armor punishments should more be general movement limitation based on stamina, speed, or an increased reload time.
  12. Scavy

    Cliff Davis

    Cliff grew up as an especially happy child. He was adored by his parents and teachers growing up. While he never had many friends he was perfectly happy living in his fantasy world. He would pretend he was fighting alongside characters he had seen in cartoons, or spend his time in thought...
  13. Scavy

    Hello there!

    Memes aside, I am Scavy. I got into FOM near the end of its life but In the short time I was there I had plenty of great moments as BOS. My username might have been sawer999 for anyone who might remember me. Its been a long time coming to sign up for these forums but once I heard HC...