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  1. Hari Seldon

    Discussion: Development Update #13

    The Warrior of the dystonian future- Love it though
  2. Hari Seldon

    Drug Addiction?

    Anti-addiction treatment (sold by your nearest AE rep) should be a separate consumable, have cost in its own right and be something you can take to reduce the chance/level of dependency your system builds up but negates some of the benefits of the drugs you take for a period time as it brings...
  3. Hari Seldon

    Licence Frank Sinatra- That's Life for cloning?

    Licence Frank Sinatra- That's Life for cloning?
  4. Hari Seldon

    Faction Payment Methods - Rank Base Pay + Faction Contribution.

    A nice and impactful way to make faction mechanically different and drive variation in behaviour quite apart from RP reasons. As much as MR is an online make believe world it is still being run (hopefully) by players who are real people that might need motivations with parallels in the real...
  5. Hari Seldon

    Discord in game UI possible?

    Discord in game UI possible?
  6. Hari Seldon

    Faction chat colors

    Seems best to split it down the lines of: R0 for the uninitiated R5-R7 Everyone else For actual organisational purposes the medium ranks need only really be known to the people who are their direct reports who presumably should already know who their [sub-unit of faction] leader is though...
  7. Hari Seldon

    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    Global, what magic universal force would be stopping people harvesting things off a carcass before you can (other than the gun in your hand) to justify instanced? MR is never going to be fair and the equitable disposition of loot from collective enterprise is player choice/interaction and thus...
  8. Hari Seldon

    Please ban Necidious for his Cash 4 HC position spam

    Please ban Necidious for his Cash 4 HC position spam
  9. Hari Seldon

    Closed test? More like hidden test am-i-right-ladies?

    Closed test? More like hidden test am-i-right-ladies?
  10. Hari Seldon

    You never forget your first

    Tbf the first R7s I actually remember was Tornadium and Crez which was very much after FoM wus ded game. Probably who is the first R7 you interacted with or remember is a better question.
  11. Hari Seldon

    You never forget your first

    Who was your first R7? Do you even remember you shameless rank whore? Were they any good? Who was the best R7 you served under? I actually had to ask Chip who the R7 was when he first jumped me into the FDC. Apparently a chap called Cheesman, I never met or heard from him and this wasn't high...
  12. Hari Seldon

    my multitude of idea's for economy, mining, markets, biotech, etc...

    Oh my, did someone ask for opinions? I know I have some of those around here. Slap a (buyout/current bid/reserve price) on the terminal sale system. Not sure how much use it would see as it would probably translate the going rate to the Buy Out but can't hurt for longer bulk sales like massive...
  13. Hari Seldon

    Epic Games Store

    By the time MR is ready the platform fight will most likely have reached a stable state, Epic seems to be making an honest go of it (unlike EAs attempt to obscure their costing) so will very probably gain decent traction even outside the Fortnight players that might already outnumber Steam Users...
  14. Hari Seldon

    Community Input - Territory/World Ownership Mechanics

    Most recent battle that will be repeated on cooldown
  15. Hari Seldon

    Economy System

    A not insignificant proportion of the the MR pop will by the design of their faction be involved in a service based economy.
  16. Hari Seldon

    The Funniest Person on MR Forums?

    I would ask that this thread is locked because it quite clearly isn't serving its rep for rep purpose
  17. Hari Seldon

    Discussion: Development Update #12

    I am now thirsty for another open test. Quench us.
  18. Hari Seldon

    Companion Mobile Application.

    Companion app for a mobile racing game? Appception! Would certain help HC by having faction review info while out and the ability to do certain management tasks.
  19. Hari Seldon

    Discussion: Development Update #11

    I like the addition of the skittles truck. Now we know what the most valued resource of the game will be.
  20. Hari Seldon

    Community Input - Clothing Stuff

    - Should clothing have stats? (Mainly resistance stats), if yes, what should be the max amount you could get when wearing a full set of clothing? 5%? 10%? (At the most resistance you can get is around 45% with heavy armor and boosters) It would be nice to see some high-end mod that can be done...