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    Community Input - Territory/World Ownership Mechanics

    Would all factions have the same status? Is one seen as government, one as a legal entity and one as a pack? Are territories considered as one world or as part of a world or something else?
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal

    Hey guys, check this new video from Cyberpunk 2077 game! I never expected it to be a seamless open world. Everything surprised me how its done: the dystopian atmosphere, animations, the plot. Only thing that I expected is actual RPG element which is perfectly implemented with FPS design of...
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    Unreal Engine Live from GDC

    Anyone watching?
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    Discussion: Development Update #6

    Hey there! I want to comment on the track (like the music, followed on SoundCloud) Going To Go On. I like it very much and I want to give it my feedback. There are some cinematic drums going on and I hear short reverb echo and (maybe) some ping pong delay, however everything (drum mono, echo...