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    Music thread

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    How could you do this to me, Puff Puff

    How could you do this to me, Puff Puff
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    Music thread

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    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    As of the moment, I have not been able to find them, but I'm sure I may find something if I keep digging. I'll add those asap if I do find them
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    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    Added a new wiki for the FDC
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    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    Some time ago, I realized that all the websites and what not for Face of Mankind were going to most likely get deleted due to their antiquity. I figured I would try and save at least the information of the Game's lore and similar information at least by transcribing the text onto word documents...
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    Hello again

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    Discussion: Development Update #13

    Kind of sad that the pillows on this couch aren't one of those Doodle pillows you can draw on
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    Drug Addiction?

    As per the discussion that took place on the Discord, there have been some elaborations and suggestions brought up. One of them is the differences between having legal vs. illegal drugs. According to Torn it would be something like this: Legal drugs give a good buff, and have no (or a little?)...
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    Drug Addiction?

    I had an idea for drug addiction that would encourage the purchasing of drugs outside of a "role play" situation. Not sure if this has been posted before or if the subject has been raised. I was wondering if this would be a useful process for maintaining a drug dealing system between producer...
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    BioXide says i got to lead FoE if i made this.

    bless this tuna eating man
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    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    Yeah, might as well keep it global. This isn't like your average MMO where it's better for the game to have more stuff on the player market, this is the livelihood of factions in game and requires some limitations in game. Besides, they are megacorps for a reason, so it shouldn't be surprising...
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    High Command Applications OPEN

    Lol who uses email in 2019 anyway?
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    High Command Applications OPEN

    Good luck!
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    High Command Applications OPEN

    I should also point out that in the faction list in the application lists Freedom Defense Corps instead of Terran Defense Corps. Not sure if a meme or not
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    You never forget your first

    Same And then I played FoM when it was on steam near the end of its life and joined EC, still don't remember who was R7 then