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  1. Necidious

    New Theme Audio and General Updates

    - JOIN THE DISCUSSION - Hello, Apologies for our recent silence. The past couple of months have been packed for us due to day jobs, attending the Epic Megajam, and networking at Unreal Fest. These experiences were crucial, especially the gamejam. We utilized and improved the framework for MR...
  2. Necidious

    Game Update: New weapons, weapon animations, holster/unholster, ADS, burst/auto fire, and more!

    - JOIN THE DISCUSSION - I've been hitting the remaining weapon features hard for the past few days now, instead of just reworking the same exact implementations we had before, I decided to opt out from using the legacy code as a reference and just built things from scratch using better methods...
  3. Necidious

    Game Update: Reworked Weapon FX & Networking

    - JOIN THE DISCUSSION - Hello, We've been hard at work overhauling the weapon systems. Recently, we transitioned the weapon particle effects to Niagara, phasing out the old particle system entirely. We've also incorporated weapon audio using Unreal Engine 5's new Metasounds feature. We adapted...
  4. Necidious

    Game Update: UE5 Lumen Performance Optimizations

    - JOIN THE DISCUSSION - After moving to UE5 and forcing lumen as part of the game I knew it was going to be a performance hog, so it was important to balance out the quality vs. performance. I did a round of optimization and managed to shave off an average of 1.50ms-2.0ms of frame time from...
  5. Necidious

    New Website Account Dashboard

    - JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE - Hello, The new website has been worked on consistently for the year now (Previously we had a working prototype on the custom backend we built years ago but it got scrapped), it is fully connected with Playfab and that account is also connected to Steam (and Epic...
  6. Necidious

    Game Update: Reworked Weapon Systems & Crosshair

    - MORE INFORMATION AND DISCUSSION HERE - Hello, Weapons are likely the oldest feature implemented in MR back in 2017, alongside the character, controls, camera, and animations. It was quite inefficient and a chunky blob of text where most of the weapon behavior was allocated into one file...
  7. Necidious

    Game Update: Reworked Input System

    - Join the Update discussion - Hello, The entire input system has been scrapped and moved to UE5's new Enhanced Input system. This is a big change to how inputs were handled before, making them more data-driven and modular (we can add/remove inputs during runtime). Without getting into too...
  8. Necidious

    Games Discussion

    Hell Let Loose. I'd like me some PTSD.
  9. Necidious

    Come see what mother brings

    Hi, and welcome! Glad to have you back on the ship!
  10. Necidious

    Kazuma Torisuna

    Hey there! It's great to have you back and to see your continued interest. We've been working tirelessly on the new developments and can't wait to show you what's in store. I'm sure you'll love the progress we've made since those early days. Feel free to engage and share your thoughts as we...
  11. Necidious

    Read Before Posting!

    Hey everyone, We wanted to share some important updates about the community guidelines to enhance our collective experience on this forum. We're diving deep into our characters here in this section of the forum. To keep the immersive and unique environment going, we're introducing a new rule...
  12. Necidious

    IRL Picture Thread

  13. Necidious

    Account Upgrade (post count, join date and reputation)

    Hello, As we have grown and evolved, we understand that some longstanding members may have old profiles filled with wisdom, debates, and interactions that don't reflect in their current profile's post count, reputation, or join date. As much as we value our present and future, we also...
  14. Necidious


  15. Necidious

    Is everything okay?

    Is everything okay?
  16. Necidious

    What happened?

    What happened?
  17. Necidious

    The Infamous Big Music Thread

    I'll start.
  18. Necidious

    I can live with that.

    I can live with that.
  19. Necidious

    The question at hand is; why am I not included?

    The question at hand is; why am I not included?