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  1. Ranfre

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome, always nice to see another old time FoMer. No word on next test date yet
  2. Ranfre

    GoM Legend

    GoM Legend
  3. Ranfre

    Legacy Content - Mankind Reborn Board Game Concepts

    I take it as a personal offense that you combined my name with that of the Very Junior Employee.
  4. Ranfre

    The Xenomorph Threat

    If you want to do more with aliens, another idea I had once was an alien colony that could be procedurally generated to be endless and players could defeat progressively harder levels and compete to see which group could get furthest with the least people, least death, least heals used, etc...
  5. Ranfre

    Horse Comics by laserdog

    oh shit, it's Bob Dobbs
  6. Ranfre

    Games Discussion

    I'm just waiting for DUNE
  7. Ranfre

    Production License Expiration

    absolute shit take having to grind rep by crafting items to unlock others, worst idea in history 'incentive to narrowly specialize'... who the fuck would want that?
  8. Ranfre

    Player Personal/Faction Progression & "Reputation" Discussion Thread

    I think there could be value to 'something' but I have no clue what that is. So far no idea I've had or that I've seen posted is anything I like much.
  9. Ranfre

    Production License Expiration

    What if each production terminal has a set of pmods built in. There can be a basic set that's always enabled and then a dynamic set that changes on some regular basis per colony and can maybe have a limited amount allowed to produce. These pmods can be free which allows everyone some place to...
  10. Ranfre

    Horse Comics by laserdog

  11. Ranfre

    Civil Protection Commission

    The star in the background also looks sorta like maybe some gay starfish (you know the one) had a smelting accident and then somehow ended up back there.
  12. Ranfre

    The Infamous Big Music Thread

    Only true vets know this one:
  13. Ranfre

    Tornadium is a Nerd

    Is this thing on?