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  1. creepertnt

    my multitude of idea's for economy, mining, markets, biotech, etc...

    sorry for the late reply been a little busy but what i guess what i envision from different starting pathways would have to be something along the lines of this: all players start out with basic gear, no faction affiliation, and they may go straight into farming. but if the person so chooses...
  2. creepertnt

    High Command Applications OPEN

    i personally am not going to apply for the position but i am curious about who will be my factions leader as well as what the factions mechanics are going to be like. hope to find out soon in a playtest.
  3. creepertnt

    my multitude of idea's for economy, mining, markets, biotech, etc...

    I like that inventory scanner idea, though i would suggest making it a bit hard to craft as too many of these things would lead too tons of pk. Just my 2 cents.
  4. creepertnt

    my multitude of idea's for economy, mining, markets, biotech, etc...

    Thanks for the input. As i said about the eye implants though is that goods bought are sent to a mailstation instead of directly to your inventory. You then pick them up at those stations but theres the risk of your stuff being stollen via hacking. Just my thoughts, could be too hard too pull off.
  5. creepertnt

    my multitude of idea's for economy, mining, markets, biotech, etc...

    1. Auctions- This could be used for small, medium, and big game gear and a means of possibly getting a good deal on something. You could also use this as a means to sell of a factions territory if they are low on funds and are willing to sell it to other factions (another step of in depth for...
  6. creepertnt

    What would keep you playing during a playtest?

    For me personally i play because i love the genre and game itself but for others i think that rewards for time spent in game or progress made and bugs reported are good incentives. Good rewards could be exclusive cosmetics for alpha and beta testers, this way they feel special as it is something...
  7. creepertnt

    Community Input - Scrapping/Recycling

    From what i read above, everything sounds good and properly functioning to me for now. Although i would like to wait and test it come next test session and put it into action before i give my final opinion.
  8. creepertnt

    Improvement Storage & inventory sorting.

    With the ammount of resources and items we tend to get in our stage and inventory it would be helpfull to have a sorting mechanic. For example we click a button and it only shows weapons or armor, another can show raw materials and another manufactured parts and materials.
  9. creepertnt

    Improvement Stackable contracts.

    When mining i tend to set 200 minerals to mine at a time then work on something else while i wait half an hour. It would be much better if i could increase the mineing contract from 50 to 200 by accepting it multiple times or something of the nature. This way i dont have to spend 15 mins just...
  10. creepertnt

    Bug Random teleportation when using warp gates.

    I assume you all already know bout this but im posting it anyways. multiple times i have bought a ticket at a terminal for a warp gate and it wont send me to the direct location i wanted. when i select earth UC-industrial nebula spaceport, it will sometimes spawn me on the opposite side of...
  11. creepertnt

    Improvement add some form of note pad/memo and calculators in game.

    this has been mentioned before in discord voice chat and txt chat but i have not seen a suggestions in here about it yet so here it is. We should be able to take notes/ keep memos about crafting recipies, components, and resources so as to have a easier, more streamlined way of finding...
  12. creepertnt

    Improvement access terminals quicker when spawning in from teleporter.

    I have lost resources and money multiple times because i was teleported at a spawn on earth UC-Lower where the aliens are camping the spawn and i cant rush my inventory into my storage before dying because it wont let me access it. I can open the storage but cant do anything like dragging and...
  13. creepertnt

    Improvement possibility's to solve the mundane mining?

    when i'm playing the test i have to mine sooo much resources to craft gear, weapons, and tools and i don't mind that, its part of the fun. but the issue is that it gets very boring very quickly as all you do is activate 50+ resources to start mining at a terminal, run to another planet and do...
  14. creepertnt

    Bug stuck on a bench at UC-lower.

    I attempted to jump on top of the bench and i succeeded but then i moved to the corner and got stuck between the bench and the wall next to me. I was not able to do anything from moving, jumping, or any other physical action besides crouching. The spot is by the subway near the contract...
  15. creepertnt

    Bug clipping found at south bank exchange.

    on earth union city-lower i found a section of flooring that is lower than the rest. this also causes clipping and allows players to see though the wall/floor to some extent and possibly shoot through (i have not tested shooting through it). you can see in the video.
  16. creepertnt

    Bug north star central room clipping.

    on earth union city-lower, i found a glitch that allows a person to clip through the wall of a apartment room and can freely enter and leave so long as they enter and leave through a certain part which is shown in the video.
  17. creepertnt

    Bug bridge clip/fall through the map in earth industrial

    i found this bug at earth-industrial across the bridge to the left when exiting the HQ.
  18. creepertnt

    Bug Missing Textures (Clothing and Hair)

    I experience this as well but happens to me almost everytime i teleport to a new location.
  19. creepertnt

    Improvement Contract's terminal

    when viewing contracts the size of the font and view of the list is extremly small and hard to read for some people (me included). I think it would be better to make the popup screen for the contracts slightly larger with larger fonts for easier viewing.
  20. creepertnt

    Discussion: Development Update #9

    thanks for the info, i love the look of the game and i really hope things kick off well when it launches. id be willing to buy into the game instead of free to play but im fine with either, i just want to play lol.