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  1. Joshua Jones

    Alpha Event - Zerg fights & stress test on 04/20/2019 @ 5 PM EST!

    I will not be there, I'm away in Spain for a week. :cap:
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    Favorite War

  3. Joshua Jones

    Closure of Ceres Prison

    ((So people know Litheius helped a bunch with grammar, spelling, and sentence suggestions. Hes the reason why its not a mess of letters. I'm not really a writer but i wanted to post something which would help explain why there are no arrests during the alpha. Also @Spark says HC have to make...
  4. Joshua Jones

    Closure of Ceres Prison

    At approximately 0300, 12th of April, 2160, Ceres prison colony was attacked by the Followers of Eternity. In a daring escape plan, brothers and sisters of the Eternity infiltrated Ceres prison through the mines (that tunnel below the prison). It is believed they managed to free Herschel...
  5. Joshua Jones

    Bounty Hunting Mechanics

  6. Joshua Jones

    CPC Mechanics

    Mate lets be honest, with me in CPC if they dont put a massive handicap on the faction I'll just win day 1. :cap:
  7. Joshua Jones

    Who is @[241:@Tod Maddux] really?

    Who is @[241:@Tod Maddux] really?
  8. Joshua Jones

    CPC Mechanics

    I'm just making content like @Spark told me to. It's why I noted down the two methods of doing it. I personally like the sound of the escort system, but how it would work out in practically I'm not sure. I can see great benefits, especially RP wise but as you've mentioned there are issues...
  9. Joshua Jones


    I get what you mean. I think the confusion is the fact people are thinking of your family as a department and not as its own independent identity within a faction. Your sub departments are almost like the departments of other factions. As R6 youre the head of the family. Then your R5s are...
  10. Joshua Jones

    CPC Mechanics

    I think I get what you're saying. You'd like a system more like: Stun the person till their conscience hits 0 Once their conscience hits 0 they will be forced into the prone position (Downed) From here either 2 things happen The person regains their conscience and may stand back up The...
  11. Joshua Jones

    CPC Mechanics

    I personally like the sound of the escort system. Be nice to see if it works. Personally I'm not a fan of forcing people to have to work together to arrest someone. I know what you're saying doesn't make it impossible, but it's borderline close to it. Let people feel like bad ass solo cops if...
  12. Joshua Jones

    b o r e d, MSN me

    b o r e d, MSN me
  13. Joshua Jones

    CPC Mechanics

    Arresting & Investigation, Most Wanted’s & Outlaws, Prison, CPC Outposts This is more than one suggestion rolled into this thread. They all relate to CPC in some way, but some ideas are more inclusive of the whole game. Arresting This is more of a re-write up from the other thread but I...
  14. Joshua Jones

    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    :rolleyes: I had a tendency to spell words in weird ways back then. Can't even blame it on dyslexia, cause I don't have it. Just a bit special :cap:. That's also the first draft I did of it I believe before posting it on the old FoM forums, but that's the only one I can find now.
  15. Joshua Jones

    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    Was looking for old FoM files and found the massive suggestion I called the "FoM Bible" back in 2011. So if anyone fancy's reading over 10,000 words and 15+ pages of suggestions for a game from 9 years ago here you go...
  16. Joshua Jones

    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    I have no issue with this, however this will lead to CPC especially colonial and prison officers just going lethal most the time. Just a thought, stunning makes the person prone upon which there is a timelimit eg 5 seconds to apply handcuffs (producable item in the game) after which the person...
  17. Joshua Jones

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Ferin is gunning for you Torn
  18. Joshua Jones

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Y I K E S From my understanding the current HC are here to test faction mechanics and lay a foundation for their respected factions. Such as setting up teamspeaks, discords, writing SOPs, setting up departments, rank structure and responsibilities. None of us are permanent, and we can be...
  19. Joshua Jones

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    I'd love for you to point out this "mean spirited circle jerk" which dosent involve bringing up your obvious cpc/tdc hate bait.
  20. Joshua Jones

    Who were you?

    Your firm policing helps me sleep at night.