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  1. John White

    Join the knights!

    Have military experience? Just feel you can take on anyone? tired of living near poverty with constant government cuts? Join Avalon Knights today! Here at Avalon Enterprises we care about our employees! You can expect great pay, flexible working hours and a shiny new swooo~ord! So what are you...
  2. John White

    Administrative abilities

    We were writing up a faction message when my partner pointed out how it usually becomes "just a like ally/enemy/kos status list and maybe a quick blurb about upcoming event or promotions" "so don't get too attached " So if there was an effective space for all those things, they wouldn't take up...
  3. John White

    Item suggestion: Tea

    I believe, AE, a corporation based in London, needs to be able to make tea! And Biscuits! or let Oda make it and we'll import it, like in good old days.
  4. John White

    Server lag

    People that aren't at least on the same continent as the server will have high ms which can negatively affect their combat efficiency. One way some games fix issue like this is by having shards for every area, but that doesn't sound like it'd work for MR like game, at least not when pop is low...
  5. John White

    Advanced Market Options

    Allow sellers on the market to choose not to sell their product to specific factions. In addition maybe add ability to modify price according to faction. Edit: Tornadium suggested ability for colony owners to restrict terminal access based on faction relations. Which just sounds like a good...
  6. John White

    Epic Games Store

    Since you're making the game on UE4 this is something you might want to keep in mind. They are trying to set themselves up as steam competitors, but you know it might just crash and burn. Guessing you have lots of time to see if this thing takes off at all. Seems more lucrative if it actually...
  7. John White

    Importance of monopolies and nuking yourself to stone age

    Back in fom you could run a faction to the ground, and it wouldn't affect the world much. A militarized faction taking over all the worlds and raising taxes to the max, doesn't matter, they can just produce everything themselves. There was also the tendency of producers needing the fighters, but...
  8. John White

    NSM Planet Cracker Spaceship

    NSM exclusive ship (world), which allows mining of materials at much lower cost. It will also give different materials at different time. So 3-4 materials for few days then 3-4 other random materials as it finds different planets/asteroids. Can also allow it to grant high tier ore that can't be...
  9. John White

    Bug Website Faction information scrolling bug

    Location: Description: Can't scroll through faction information text after switching the faction. (Firefox) Reproduction Steps: 1. Go to the link. 2. Press any of the Faction icons. 3. Now you can't scroll through Faction information text anymore...