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  1. Will Troll

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Found a pic of the most prolific merc cell in history:
  2. Will Troll

    Community Input: Food, Chemistry and Drug Production.

    In response to drug production, which was only the real ecoing I did in FoM: I think there were a couple of flaws in drug production in fom that could be done better here. Two major ones come to mind. Firstly, the production process should be more involved. In fom, it was the same as any other...
  3. Will Troll

    sideways for attention, long ways for results

    sideways for attention, long ways for results
  4. Will Troll

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Turns out, I don't have my old old pics I knew I had. I don't know where they are but most likely, they were on my old dell that FoM killed (thanks). Found some from the last day doe.
  5. Will Troll

    Where are they now, do you know?

    wheres spooky tho
  6. Will Troll

    Monetary CPC Fines

    I am here to help. If there was a lack of trigger that allowed them, then I'm sure the recipient just wouldn't pay it and instead report the corrupt fine/choose to roll the cop into the dirt. Allow HC to dismiss any pending fines and it'll regulate itself.
  7. Will Troll

    Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

    Necro as fuck and it's probably already figured out but if not. If y'all do decide to do the whole escorting to police stations/kiosks/vortex gates thing and trying to figure out what happens if a cuffed person dies, what about tracking who killed them and their faction. If a cop or soldier...
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  9. Will Troll

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    You were such a bully!!! Probably have a bunch more old BoS pics on my laptop somewhere. Should dig it out see what still exists.
  10. Will Troll

    Bank Robbery

    But LED and FDC couldn't defend DMC, how are they gonna defend a bank from every other faction wanting a fat stack?
  11. Will Troll

    Who were you?

    i enjoyed our hours of e-sex