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    Favorite War

    I recall Winters of the FDC making some decisive errors in regards to war also. Those days saw some epic fights, and losses.
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    Favorite War

    The First Pagasi War
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    Story-line content generation

    Some of the best stories from the beginning of FoM were those that played out through players and their ability to roleplay a character. Story GM's were acutely aware of the dynamics of certain factions and their leadership or lack thereof. They helped, like an old wise seer in the ranks, to...
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    Where are they now, do you know?

    I was ThoughtSeeker, and then Domai Aureal, and still am.
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    Hey guys

    It has been some time my old friend. Let's see what the future brings, shall we?
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    Who were you?

    I was a member of the splinter group of the FDC-TSS as ThoughtSeeker, then changed to Domai Aureal of the Eurocore and the GiS. I guess that puts me, as you put it, half in the door and half out. One cannot shake history my friend, some of us, are proud of our successes and our failures. Without...
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    Eurocore / Vortex Inc Roll Call

    Present and accounted for.
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    Hello from a oldie

    Servant? No, my friend. You were nothing of the sort. I remember a warrior, a man of courage and honor, a man dedicated to his faction. Although I am older still, servitude was never part of our history, only duty and friendship.
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    Hello from a oldie

    Life has a way of reminding us of the ties that bind. From one old friend to another, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Civility? Honor? Respect? War? Time will tell, but I do hope there are two empty cafe seats waiting.
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    It would seem a new era is at hand. Time will tell if the bold honor and respect I once knew among old friends and enemies alike, has endured. Honor, Courage, Faction.