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  1. Fowl

    The Xenomorph Threat

    I think Bio mentioned an instanced colony separate from the rest of the world where sieges and stuff take place. This instanced colony probably wouldn't have persistence like the rest of the world so maybe this idea could fit in there though he said this would be further down the pipeline.
  2. Fowl

    The Xenomorph Threat

    I agree with Hari. Game reset seems too easy/extreme. If players let the Xeno threat get bad, it needs to get REALLY bad. Like every colony near suicide to walk around in with maybe an exception for Earth. If a whole planet/colony gets over run there should be a reset to territory upgrades and...
  3. Fowl

    Games Discussion

  4. Fowl

    Production License Expiration

    Personally, I am for some kind of crafting/pmod tech tree. It may let long time ecoers capitalize in what they do best if they decide to invest time to go down a certain branch on this tree, ammo for example. It also gives new ecoers something to look forward too. Obviously the crafted product...
  5. Fowl

    Production License Expiration

    As Mankind Reborn’s bestest eco king here are my thoughts: Having to renew licenses may seem stupid but it’s a good way to keep a money sink around. It also serves to gatekeep ecoing which I am totally for. Many things irl have some kind of subscription service where you have to renew at the...
  6. Fowl

    Horse Comics by laserdog