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    Does anyone remember me?

    Pretty sure I fought you and your guys a fair bit. Really racking my brain.
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    Discussion: Development Update #12

    The excitement continues.
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    Will the game be available outside of steam?

    Beats me. Steam seems to be the best platform moving forward.
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    So which faction guess time

    An army of 14 year olds, is still an army.
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    Only counts if you claim it! ;)
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    Who were you?

    Oh man this is a good piece of history.
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    Oda Zaibatsu

    Now it does!
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    No NPCs

    Buying friends is for the cool, rich people.:cool:
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    Oda Zaibatsu

    Love it! I may decide to change over. Noodle Clan!
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    Muh chats

    Muh chats
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    Bobby Shmurda is a snitch

    Only 117 years in prison... that's not so bad! /s
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    Mankind Reborn and Money

    Death to shooty-ecoy-shouty-mans habit?! Maybe?!
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    What Faction Are You Joining?

    I'm torn. Honestly I'm really fond of the CPC, GoC, and very curious about the OZ and the Syndicate. So I'm honestly not sure. Someone convince me.
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    Played through Fallout: NV again. Such a fantastic game.

    Played through Fallout: NV again. Such a fantastic game.
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    Getting In Shape

    Big killer is sodas. If you drink a lot of soda and consume a fair bit of sugar, cut those out of your diet. You don't have to give up beer and the occasional dessert, but excess sugars really result in a lot of weight gain. You'll be surprised.
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    Mankind Reborn and Money

    I think the trouble with this is finding the balance between enough monetary support to continue running the game and generate revenue, and keeping the game free of the problems associated with F2P (hackers, little kids, trolling, etc.) I don't think a mandatory subscription service is the way...
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    Immersion/leadership ideas.

    I am really behind idea 1 100% as you described, it sounds like it would be really fun gameplay wise, and also big picture. Idea 2 could potentially be incorporated in that system or something similar, in that a higher ranking (R4/R5~?) could lobby for support in order to mutiny the higher ranks...
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    Immersion/leadership ideas.

    I like the idea, but I think the whole idea if internal "official" orgs is a little confusing. I definitely think subterfuge and coups are something that should be possible within a faction, but this idea needs some polish. Perhaps keeping them informal and making the players meet-up elsewhere...
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    I Come in Peace

    Welcome! :)