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  1. Arkavus

    A Public Statement From The President of Oda Zaibatsu

    Who needs a boss anyways?
  2. Arkavus

    Cargo Shuttle: Train robberies

    Couldn't the storage units themselves act as a "shuttle"? If the shuttle is used, they have to be flying up to a ship that can warp. Unless you have a ship that can warp, you aren't sending anything in any reasonable amount of time. Hooray, my stuff got here! Oh wait, it's 300 years later...
  3. Arkavus


    I'm not sure I can post the other one of those I still have. This one I can I think.
  4. Arkavus

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    I get that each cell is independent. Historically, it's still been an important position. I think it would be nice if these people could begin to post more information about themselves and what their plans are for the factions. I'm not going to have 16 hours a day to play like I used to...
  5. Arkavus

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Who the hell is running the mercs? Not sure I've even ever seen those names before.
  6. Arkavus

    The lineBacker

    Yup it's linebacker. I could remember your voice clearly from this line alone.
  7. Arkavus

    Guns of the Conclave

    How about Death Legion? /s
  8. Arkavus

    Game Survey

    This is the last day before I write about you sick fucks. I'm sure I will be able to draw great insight into the personality of whoever listed "virtual car simulator; Aluhha Akbar edition" as their favorite game. If you haven't taken it, please do. Thanks everyone!
  9. Arkavus

    Game Survey

    Please take a moment (less than 5 minutes) to fill out a short survey (10 questions) I put together about games you've played this year. Answers are anonymous and will be shared with Mankind Reborn devs and my college professor.
  10. Arkavus

    What games are you playing?

    Fortnite is actually pretty fun. Building is a great addition to the genre and successfuly out building someone and scoring a kill is so satisfying. Anyone else playing?
  11. Arkavus

    Guns of the Conclave

    Like the name. Freelancers as the default Merc is good as well.
  12. Arkavus

    Discussion: Development Update #8

    Sweet I can have a War Rig and exclusively drive around Mars yelling SHINY AND CHROME. I like the smog in Union City too. Are the buildings in it colored at all?
  13. Arkavus

    Story-line content generation

    I believe Storyline GMs should be there to make sure faction leadership actually creates content and to assist in any way they can. They can help any player government that's formed too.
  14. Arkavus

    Favorite War

    STS war was great and so was just about every war over P51. I pretty much don't remember a war I didn't like. Even the last one when DL declared war on everyone.
  15. Arkavus

    How will GD be overpowered/undefeatable?

    Please give the GD a raidable spaceship. Lots of fun fights on the Yukon. Don't name it something dumb like that though.
  16. Arkavus

    Discussion: Development Update #7

    Finally! Boobs confirmed. Great work so far everyone.
  17. Arkavus

    Community Input - Name for Mercenary Faction

    I think the idea is that being a mercenary IS legal in this world. To keep it from just being another criminal faction.
  18. Arkavus

    Proximity Voice Chat & Faction Comms

    1. A third party app shouldn't be necessary to communicate between faction members since they are hard coded in the game. I get this if the players really own the faction but they don't. 2. This doesn't seem to be the big problem you make it out to be in any game I've played. Simple mute...
  19. Arkavus

    Proximity Voice Chat & Faction Comms

    Muting works fine.
  20. Arkavus

    Proximity Voice Chat & Faction Comms

    Like in Squad. I don't think it's unreasonable to give factions some sort of customizable in-game voice comms as well. If the game blows up, it's going to be tough to get every new player into discord or teamspeak.