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  1. Trinity

    Who were you?

    Well since I'm reading this, I may as well post. I am not going to claim a faction or say I belonged in one more than another. My time spent in GoM, MotB, and BoS were valuable to my character play and each one I considered home. The best part of the game for me, was the RP. It didn't matter...
  2. Trinity

    Horatio T

    RIP Horitio, you were loved and will never be forgotten.
  3. Trinity

    Hello my friends!

    Ah Blade, so good to see you. How have things been? Any plans on the old de Mistral's coming around or *cough* recruiting new ones?
  4. Trinity

    Yes? Did you call?

    Yes? Did you call?
  5. Trinity


    Pfft, they won't be playing.
  6. Trinity


    Hi Brad, I'm Trin.
  7. Trinity


    Domai, my friend. It is such a pleasure to see you again. It has been a long time since our last encounter and I have thought of you often. I hope to catch up really soon. (I have yet to play. Hoping to get in game soon)
  8. Trinity

    Voice presets

    I get to do the female voices. 'nuff said.
  9. Trinity

    Hey you guys!

    SCOUSE!!!! Hey love! <3 Miss you.
  10. Trinity

    Its "Nothing Personal"

    Hi Boom! Good to see ya. :)
  11. Trinity

    James Seymour Memorial Post

    RIP James Seymour... I have very fond memories of him.
  12. Trinity

    Stafford reborn...

    STAFF!! *happy dance* I know I'm late to the welcoming committee, but I've been expecting you. It's really good to see you
  13. Trinity

    Long time no see

    Knives it's good to see you love.
  14. Trinity

    Why am I here?

    Hi Ketel, good to see you <3
  15. Trinity

    Discussion: Development Update #4

    Everything looks great guys!! Thanks so much, your hard work is showing. I do have one suggestion, from the female perspective... The avatar for the female player looks butch. I'm not sure if that's what your going for, some bad a$$ or something but I'm personally not a fan of that look. I'm...
  16. Trinity

    You Fuckers

    FALL!!!!! :D How are you love?
  17. Trinity

    Hi gang

    Hi Jack good to see you. The game is still in development.
  18. Trinity

    Hello from a oldie

    Hello and welcome. Servant of Domai? I was thinking about him the other day.
  19. Trinity


    Hi John!! Good to see you love.