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  1. Jade Star

    When's the PVE servers coming?

    When's the PVE servers coming?
  2. Jade Star


    What are they doing today I wonder, are they still a bunch of wastes of life? I would assume so if they haven't offed themselves yet and saved themselves the humiliation of being nobody losers their whole life. If their mothers saw what a disgrace they would turn in to she would have surely...
  3. Jade Star

    AE Rank Names

    You morons keep bickering with each other, I bide my time in the shadows...waiting...muhahaha
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    Lets talk about Ecoing, and AFK farming.

    "Lets talk about making ecoing unnecessarily tedious" is what you should of named this thread. Leave ecoing the way it is and add what Rian suggested, if you die it halts its progress and maybe you have to go pick up the materials you were mining and bring it to storage. BUT as long as their is...
  5. Jade Star

    The Gear Grind Problem

    I would think factions pools, faction missions and more people playing to make a better economy would alleviate some of this but we don't have that yet so we just got to wait until its added to see how it all works out. But yeah dailies are shit, their the chores of gaming and they need to stop...
  6. Jade Star

    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    My dude we know you, you will abuse that kind of system. Not to mention every faction has to deal with random gankers why does the CPC only get the ability to fine anyone outside of their faction? And not to mention x2 you want players to go outside of the game on some shady website when...
  7. Jade Star

    What games are you playing?

    A few cheap games or hidden gems if you will on steam 10$ or less Psychonauts, Sudeki , Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic and SW:KotoR 2. Classic Xbox originals, must plays. I hope they help you through this time of Social distancing.
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    Forum Improvements

    Oh shit Phoenix agrees with me? DING DING DING I win nice try boi's, try again never. *packs up briefcase, tips hat* Cya next month.
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    Forum Improvements

    Don't treat people differently based on race, gender and sexuality. Why is that arguable?
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    Forum Improvements

    Fucking incel sympathizer, I'll squash your nutsack under the heel of my shoe.
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    Forum Improvements

    Updating the Form rules to include bigotry, misogyny and sexism as bannable offenses and enforcing it. Most here know the two worst offenders to these, but apparently some people here seem to tolerate this sort of behavior. It makes me re-think being apart of this community. I like BioXide and...
  12. Jade Star

    Discussion: Development Update #17

    Ahhhh BioXide, successful, attractive, Intelligent and one heck of a amazing game developer! Yet... still so humble, so kind. Some of you useless dregs around here could learn a thing or two from our lord and savoir BioXide here. Keep up the good work BioXide, Its coming along really nice.
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    I'm strictly PC now-a-days but if I was gonna get a console, I would definitely get a a switch. If their wasn't so many games I wanted to get this year I'd have the money. But back in the day I kicked ass on melee and Brawl when I was a kid and had nothing to do but hone my skills. Now Im just...
  14. Jade Star

    Boobs 'n' Guns

    /notsigned Unless their's a male version Dick's and Guns Literally, you better give your female player base some eye candy too. These filthy man whores have been catered to enough. teehehee
  15. Jade Star

    Oh yeah this place exists, wheres the gosh dang dev blog? *sits back down in waiting room*

    Oh yeah this place exists, wheres the gosh dang dev blog? *sits back down in waiting room*
  16. Jade Star

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    "Fuck this im gonna fight crime" Give that man a promotion.
  17. Jade Star

    Community Input: Prison

    I don't think there should be any PP reduction tool, that will be abused. As long as PP is done right, it shouldn't be much issue. Working off PP should take a good amount of time, I mean don't do the crime if you can't do the time. I liked the original DMC and were working off PP took longer...
  18. Jade Star

    What games are you playing?

    I've been living the dream of being a Pokemon master. Been playing PokeMMO and Pokemon Revolution Online.
  19. Jade Star

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!