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  1. BioXide

    Cargo Shuttle: Train robberies

    I like this idea and have had it planned out for years now, although I wouldn't use it for the main storage transportation since like hepo said, it wouldn't be good for the average joe. I'm thinking this would fit better with the "active" methods of ecoing, such as controlling a...
  2. BioXide

    On the clans

    Hey there, Will be making a compilation of most opinions/ideas/suggestions made of faction mechanics/exclusives, etc, from this thread and the other ones that have been talking about faction related stuff. There's a lot of information to sift through and I want to make sure I grab everyone's...
  3. BioXide

    Lets talk about Ecoing, and AFK farming.

    I thought about making a new thread, but I'd rather keep the discussion going here. Here's some of the stuff regarding ecoing that I've compiled. I want to take baby steps with new eco stuff since what we have now works at a very basic level and I want to keep fleshing out the current system...
  4. BioXide

    Discussion: Development Update #18

    Yeah I agree, I've been clinging on to the PMOD items because I believe there might be some use in them and would like to not scrap the system, we'll figure something out.
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    Discussion: Development Update #18

    You can find it here: Development Update #18
  6. BioXide

    Res amp

    Implants haven't been added yet due to lack of assets, haven't been able to find any suitable placeholders. Implants are likely the next bunch of assets that will be out sourced.
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    The Gear Grind Problem

    I wouldn't also want this game to end up only as a circle jerk but quite frankly it's inevitable, I made a decision to only focus on the fommunity as this game is just too niche and there's just way too many things in the market that I'd rather not waste time competing for the attention of new...
  8. BioXide

    The Gear Grind Problem

    This playtest was meant to be an eco/combat stress test, there's a lack of content atm due to isolating the current build and just identifying/fixing as much bugs and stressing out the eco to see how it performs on the long term. This current build is not a representation of how the game is...
  9. BioXide

    FoM faction mechanics dump

    Hey, I have prioritized factional content over other tasks in the roadmap and I'll get started on this asap. I need help with compiling information about how the faction mechanics in FoM, from multiple versions of the game, and if possible screenshots or videos of how the UI looked. Things...
  10. BioXide

    Playtest discussion, feedback, etc

    Excellent feedback guys keep it coming, will be adjusting the markets
  11. BioXide

    Playtest discussion, feedback, etc

    As you may or may not know, we have a donator playtest going on right now 24/7 which just recently wiped and opened up the servers for all $35+ donators. We'll be keeping the playtest going for the entire month and likely longer depending on how it performs and the player counts. In order to...
  12. BioXide

    Genesis returns of SOF

    there's a discord link on the top right of the forums or on the main website under the community tab
  13. BioXide

    Genesis returns of SOF

    hi there this game has been in development since mid 2017, so it's around 3 years
  14. BioXide

    Make factions mechanically different

    I've started designing the territory mechanics and I'll make sure that once a takeover succeeds, it will first check if the owning faction is clan/division/department based, if it's true then it will assign ownership of the territory to that clan/division/department and not the entire faction.
  15. BioXide

    Medkit thought experiment

    I believe the issue wasn't the medkits but the messaging/feedback behind it, you never really saw when someone was popping one or if he was still healing. MR has damage numbers so you can see how much damage you have stacked on the target, what's left is getting animations for item use, popping...
  16. BioXide

    Forum Improvements

    The community appreciates your hard work Tod, thank you! We feel safer under your massive arms.
  17. BioXide

    Prosthetic Implants

    Apart from the multitude of functional implants that we'll have, we'll also have cosmetic ones, a bit of a stretch goal but it's something in the books for the future :D
  18. BioXide

    Crime points anonimity

    CPC HQ & possibly other outposts will have a computer that can access the criminal database, this can obviously be hacked to get access if you're a non-CPC.
  19. BioXide

    Deconstructing items

    There will be a recycling terminal that will deconstruct items and return a random amount of the materials used to produce that item, the quantity will be based on the amount of durability left on that item, there will be a small cost associated with the usage of the terminal as well, probably a...