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  1. Anya Clowes

    Heavy Armor and Weaponry legality, PPs and dynamics.

    I am not sure if this was ever suggested yet, if it was, I apologize. I believe it will be interesting and adds dynamic, immersion, combat opportunities and fun to the game if Heavy or even Medium Armor and weaponry has a legality rating in some world or are just out right illegal in some...
  2. Anya Clowes

    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    Logged in, Joined LED, went to NYC, found another LED Newbie, decided to do impromptu patrol together pretending to know what we're doing while in fact we're just Minutes old R0 LED newbs. Got ganked by a pair of ECs as we try to fight them off with Zannies.
  3. Anya Clowes

    Who were you?

    Pretty sure I started somewhere around.. September-ish 2012? when FoM Hit F2P, was LED. I can't for the life of me remember who was Commissioner at the time. But I remembered my first DPI class, it's a little hazy, though. The first 2 years flew by pretty fast, I never did anything beyond what...
  4. Anya Clowes

    Returning [LED]

    This is certainly a surprise when I decided to try and get in on this. It's been a couple of years since the Original post, I hope you are doing well!