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  1. Spark

    Bug Vortex at Outpost 1 in mars not working.

    VG in mars not working after i bought ticket i jumped and just went through like if I had no ticket. Location: Outpost 1 Bought the ticket from the left terminal near the vg. i had exactly 75uc calculated for the return trip. IT did take my money. and gave me a ticket to the inventory. ticket...
  2. Spark

    Bug Can't post items for sale in the market

    I drag the itesm and fill the info. Made sure the uptime is 1 hour so it costs 0 uc. When i press the button to add listing nothing happens.
  3. Spark

    Bug Crash after death

    Game crashes after death. Crashdump link: Game Log:
  4. Spark

    Hey all!

    Hello guys, found this randomly looking at old FoM vids. Surprised i didn't hear about it sooner. Good luck with the project.