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  1. Wilbon

    Beards that grow until you die, then reset growth

    Optionally: beards that grow with every kill until you are then killed, then reset growth. In this case, FoE will look like the 12 year olds they are while built will all look like merlin the wizard. Women too, it's 2020 and MR can't afford to get SJW'd.
  2. Wilbon

    Add the player's current territory somewhere to the UI

    I know there's plans for a proper navigation system but even as a general advantage it would be good to have some part of the UI displaying the current area someone is in. Will help newer players learn locations better, help others find the boundaries of the territories as they become more...
  3. Wilbon

    Drug Production: A Simple Chain

    We were on the topic of a way to produce drugs in MR and from what Bio has stated, it'll be done at a unique drug terminal that is an 'active' mechanic, possibly something like a minigame of sorts. That sorts out one of the problems from the old FoM system; that drug production shouldn't be just...
  4. Wilbon

    New-player tutorial world / social hub

    Scavy, HBnY, and I discussed the matter of new players a bit today and we were tossing around the following topic: What if there was a specific world that had no PVP elements but limited PvE and be primarily directed as a tutorial world/social hub (think the APB social hub mixed with the old...
  5. Wilbon

    High-tech illicit devices for mining/refining/production

    So, had a bit of a thought about ecoing. We've talked about the idea of ecoers being able to purchase additional mining processes as a way to expand options for those who want to deeper invest into ecoing. An additional way to expand it is through an illegal hacking device that would speed up...
  6. Wilbon

    Make factions mechanically different

    As Bio has mentioned that factional content is on the horizon, there's not really a better time than now to post about this. One of the flaws fom had was that the factions were all mechanically the same. They had variances in aesthetic shit and exclusive rights to produce stuff, but mechanically...
  7. Wilbon

    Forum Improvements

    Was talking with bio on a dev stream about the forums, he asked me to put a thread for easier tracking. He'll add additional points. Thread for forum improvements, go: - Many hosting sites for images don't work properly - Gifs don't display right and display media controls/fullscreen controls -...
  8. Wilbon

    Tarkov style looting - Search containers & per-terminal storage

    Yo, so what about having tarkov style looting in MR. Not in the sense that you have to manually search chest rigs and examine every item, but just a delay on searching new containers on the world. 3-5 seconds before you can see and manipulate the contents. It'd give slight vulnerability to...