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  1. Venture Jones

    Maybe an Arena?

    Maybe instead of directly making areas. A better plan would be to have an arena mindset when constructing areas in general. Well to the point of thinking, hey this spot here would be cool for fight if it had these or that, etc. That way then we have those spots, but they're not as predominate...
  2. Venture Jones

    Lets talk about Ecoing, and AFK farming.

    I personally like the drone idea. Deploying something to go out and mine that you can either let go on its own, or stay with it to defend it. When it is destroyed, the task stops where it is at until the player starts it again. Not too intrusive, but adds a little more to the game for eco.
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    Music thread

  4. Venture Jones

    FoM faction mechanics dump

    What about giving extra UC for these aspects. All fighting contracts are worth more for those in GOTC, drugs are cheaper to make and can store more with The Syndicate and their contracts are worth more, etc for the rest. ? Im guessing this is sort of the idea?
  5. Venture Jones

    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    I think in 2009 or 2010, @Ranfre got me into the game while we were in college. In the same wing of the dorm, showed me the game and thus FoM took a good portion of my gaming life since then. I joined as Adv Jones, in GoM, the training dept., then just taught others about the game. Helped in...
  6. Venture Jones

    Discussion about CorpSec

    My guess would be only their worlds/areas. If it is a CPC primary world then I'd guess CPC would be in control fully, etc with the rest of other primary control worlds. The CorpSec would have to have permissions for those worlds for a time frame, or select areas, for some time too.
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    Music thread

    Also have to add these too.
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    Steam Names
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    Music thread

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    IRL picture thread ( Because we need it)

    only one i have on my phone atm
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  12. Venture Jones

    What Faction Are You Joining?

    Either OZ or AE, but leaning towards OZ.
  13. Venture Jones

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello all! Great to see that there is hope for this game style to continue on in the hands of fans! Glad to see some familiar faces and new ones? (possible name changes?) I only went by this name, Adv Jones, and was mostly in GoM or VC with little dabs of all the others. Can't wait for day...