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  1. Gavin

    still mining

    still mining
  2. Gavin

    Concealment from scanners

    Maybe a certain misc item can be equipped to decrease discovery chances. Or make an item that cost bio-energy and eats it up fast but jams the scanner but the player would have to try to guess when he's being scanned.
  3. Gavin

    On the clans

    I believe this idea is good but I also believe everyone should have the liberty to claim things even if it doesn't suit their need there shouldn't be any hard limitations, like that just soft ones. At the end of the day this is a sandbox and R7s should be able to do what they want with in-game...
  4. Gavin

    Back in the coal mines.

    Back in the coal mines.
  5. Gavin

    What Faction Are You Joining?

    Take your guess.
  6. Gavin

    Discussion: Development Update #14

    Great article excited for more.
  7. Gavin

    So which faction guess time

    I have a discord with 9000 actives that play games like this that are kids don't make me summon the 14 year old army. I'll make a division called kony's warband
  8. Gavin

    So which faction guess time

  9. Gavin


    A necessity!
  10. Gavin

    North Star Mining

    I made a NSM Discord for anyone who wants to just chill and play games. (looking for admins to moderate it btw)
  11. Gavin

    Favorite War

    Same here ECMG is probably my favorite!
  12. Gavin

    Unreal Engine Live from GDC

  13. Gavin

    Followers of Eternity

    The GoMbies return!
  14. Gavin

    Unreal Engine Live from GDC

    Whats the time where they showed it @Necidious
  15. Gavin

    How will GD be overpowered/undefeatable?

    The reason GD factions get so rich is because they hold the main markets usually.
  16. Gavin

    Avalon Enterprises

  17. Gavin

    Terran Defense Corps

    First! Can't wait to see TDC in action hopefully they're as cool as FDC! Also! Keep releasing those factions the lore and ranks are amazing!
  18. Gavin


    I know you guys don't need money but it always helps. Making a Kickstarter will allow the game to start getting exposure. I really do suggest you guys make one as it will be hugely beneficial to the game and I also currently don't like the donation system as I don't think it should be scrapped I...
  19. Gavin


    Are we talking about real life or ingame here I'm actually confused
  20. Gavin

    Industrial Espionage/Sabotage Mechanic

    Amazing suggestions would love to see this in game!